When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Communicate and allow your Angels and Spirit Guides to flow comfort, love, insights and inspiration. I share the soul wisdom, magic and insights of our Ancestors through the ancient art of storytelling and self-counsel works. As a philosophical muse of human nature, quantum physics, spirit world and nature, I do not hold to any one particular tradition as one higher truth or one size fits all. Even as a young child, I recall being held captivated by the other-worldly magic of indigenous cultures, saints, mystics, shamans and Robert Service’s tales of the northern wilderness. During one life-defining year that turned into many years, I cocooned in a northern Ontario sanctuary and began to polish numerous stories, books and course materials that had long been in various stages of completion~ life is circular in nature, a re-visiting of beliefs and perspectives in an ever upward spiraling of growth. There is still so much more to do, share, explore and discover with more self-counsel books, a handful of children’s stories and another novel in the works.

Articles published in: Mosaic Magazine, Owen Sound Sun Times, Wiarton Echo News, Tobermory Press, Medium online, One Thousand Trees magazine, Link magazine and co-founder of Mystical Voices Magazine.
Seriously, though – there are so many variables that this is a difficult question to answer with great specificity. In order to help clients and all of humanity, I recently designed two timelines that are estimates of a typical contested Massachusetts divorce (divorce litigation) and a Massachusetts divorce mediation. What other factors can effect the speed in which your own Massachusetts divorce will be completed? Someone is waiting to formally meet you!Angel Guides, love communication: Get your Angel groove on!
With all of the hubbub of spiritual gurus in the world, my heroes lean toward those more authentic ideals such as; my spirit world muses who consist of an ancient multi-cultural mystical sisterhood, angel guides, my Mother, Great Grandmother, family and friends. All other variables – one party is required to travel frequently for their job, military deployment, illness, purposeful stalling, switching                attorneys, abandoning one process to select another, etc.

I admire the 13 Grandmothers as well as former social services clients, a medicine woman daughter and son who all live a life less ordinary. Easy and grow at your own pace exercises, an Angel Guides invocation prayer and a meet, talk and work with your Angel Guides mediation journey and more. After many years of work in Human Services, evening ferocious spiritual, quantum or philosophical studies engrossed while raising children (all much food for character and story seeds) followed by a long arduous post-secondary completion of world religions, philosophies and spiritual sciences, I completed a Spiritualist Minister’s Degree yet I do not follow any one traditional mindset.

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