But poor web design can cause high page abandonment rates, low visitor-to-lead conversion rates, poor organic search rankings and also ruin the reputation of your business. Minimalism here brings the most important content to the forefront and minimizes distractions for the user. Colors are pleasant, and straightaway entice visitors to focus only on the content.* * *Nira AlpinaNira Alpina is a hotel situated in the Swiss ski resort of St.
The website is neatly laid out with attractive high-quality pictures and only enough content as to make it informational but not distracting. The website lets the beautiful pictures of the locale, which is the real draw for the visitors, do most of the talking while the content takes the back seat, but without receding into insignificance. There is an aspect of harmony to the overall design of the website, which should serve as an inspiration to other websites of a similar nature.* * *Metta SkincareThe website of this natural skincare range looks clean and fresh, and veers towards extreme minimalism but without looking stark. It is in line with the theme of nature, something which gels well with the company’s mission.
Menus on this site appear on the same place on every web page, thus helping the readers find their way through the website.

It provides a game-like experience and packs in the excitement associated with being launched into space. The information is vertically laid out column-wise, which makes it easy to scroll down the biggest news of the day.
The layout isn’t simple but effective enough to aid readability, especially on mobile devices, and keep a sense of excitement intact while scrolling down as you wait to find out which news is coming up next* * *West ElmWest Elm is an upscale retail store that features contemporary furniture designs and other housewares.This website categorizes products, which can be easily found via drop-down menus. It’s a smart choice of content as videos are an efficient way to communicate technical matters, particularly when a new idea needs to be demonstrated.
Words would have not just cluttered the space but also not have had the desired impact on the visitors. But instead of creating different sites for each location, they turned their main site into a one-stop store of information for all their clients. The monochromatic theme makes an instant impression while the minimalistic design intrigues and fascinates. Black is a bold color, why accompany it with hundreds of words?* * *The Museum of MarioThe Museum of Mario is an interactive experience created by IGN detailing the history of the Mario franchise and the character’s various incarnations.More reader-friendly than a Wikipedia page, the website will not only give you plenty of fun facts on each game but also provide a hugely entertaining and immersive experience.

Turn the sound on and lose yourself in the world of Mario.* * *These 15 sites will inspire you to come up with some extraordinary designs of your own, and hone your craft to take it to the next level.
This is not an exhaustive list; there are many more genius websites whose designers deserve a huge pat on their back.
About the Author Jeff Davis Jeff Davis is living in California and currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash – A place for selling a laptop online.
He has been in this field for the last 6 years and is responsible for troubleshooting issues.

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