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Girl: He must be god fearing, neat and well groomed, honest, decent, with a vision for his life and home, bla bla bla.What do you want in a woman? Boy: She must love God, neat and properly raised, decent, good in the art of housekeeping…the list is often endless I can only say bravo and kudos for knowing what you want in your future partner. It’s always beautiful to know what you want and more beautiful to know that you are not willing to accept anything less. We all set standards for ourselves in life even though we don’t always meet those standards.
I must also let you know that you are not alone in this because almost everyone wants the same thing you want in a spouse.

Your makeup, instead of making you more beautiful, turns you to a masquerade that should be dreaded. Everything you do is in the excess, your false lashes look abnormal, your false nails are way too long, you are close to wearing panties outside the house and yet you desire a very decent spouse. You want a girl who can cook and keep the home and yet the only place you visit is a night club. While you date her, you take pleasure in eating out and visiting all the big hotels and restaurants in town.
You can only get a girl who would be out every night-ladies night out, and come back the following morning to throw her pants on the floor of your bedroom and sometimes on your face. It’s also possible you get a very good girl who you would subject to torture as long as she lives with you. Right where you are telling your likes that you want a godfearing man, you have five social media accounts with different names and pictures.

A friend told me how his cousin’s fiance was left in shock when she saw that the very man she has been in touch with is her fiancee’s cousin. On the D-day, my friend went to work, well dressed, hoping to finally meet his dream woman.
When they called my friend, he realized that the very lady he was in touch with for months and who he supposedly didn’t know, was in his house with her fiancee the previous night.

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