Stereotypically, women are known for being more likely to want a serious relationship, while men are known for being more likely to want a casual relationship. The global dating site asked itsA users the following question, "Are you looking for a serious relationship, or something casual?" And from the 1,579,230A responses, AYI was able to glean some interesting conclusions on the intent of its users. On the flip side, there were also a bunch of female users looking for casual relationships, although the percentage was definitely still pretty small.
When women in Louisville, KY, were asked what they were looking for,A 12.5% said something casual.
AYI also put together a final ranking of states based on how many users were looking for a casual versus a serious relationship. The top five states for looking for a casual relationship were Illinois, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and South Carolina. I’m a feng shui consultant and the number one reason clients consult me is to find a partner. If that’s the case it could be that, energetically and unconsciously, you are saying a big NO to having a relationship.
Your bed is only big enough for you or pushed into a corner where only one person can get in and out of it. Artwork displays moody pictures of single figures indicating a solo energy rather than a relationship.
Make sure there is space on both sides of the bed which sets out the intention that this bed is for two. Just following these simple steps will align your unconscious intention with your conscious one.
Jackie Notman is an intuitive advisor, coach and energy reader who works on an energetic level with individuals and businesses using tools such as Feng Shui, Numerology, Dowsing, Astrology, I Ching and the Tarot.
Her book, The Feng Shui Guide to Love, Sex & Relationships, explores relationships on an energetic level and shows you how to apply the fundamentals of Feng Shui and eastern astrology to maximise your ability to have a satisfying and meaningful relationship that is right for you.

Regardless of how the two of you met, guys don’t beat around the bush when they like a girl. Believe it or not but before the two of you started dating, he had his own life full of friends and drunken nights. Nothing says I’m ready for a serious relationship better than when he invites you out with the guys friends. If you really want an obvious sign that he wants a serious relationship, just wait for him to tell you! AYI decided to delve into the topic and see how much validity there is to those generalizations. The states with the fewest residents looking for casual relationships were Mississippi, Nevada, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska.
If you're looking for a summer fling, check out Chicago; looking to get married a€” head on over to Nebraska. If you’re unsuccessful in the dating game, it could be that you are inadvertently sabotaging your own efforts to find love?
They tell me about their dating disasters, the problems with their previous relationships and often they despair at their lack of success.
Your bedroom is saying this is about me, it is where I retreat from the world and be alone – there is no room for anybody else. Sleepless nights, midnight tears and arguments with ex partners will be held emotionally in your mattress.
This will support you whilst you sleep and improve the quality of your sleep which in turn improves your confidence and attractiveness to others.
There are a ton of signs that he wants a relationship but you can’t really put all of your eggs into one basket and bet on it. But when you start to notice that he starts saying we instead of I a lot more, his mind is now subconsciously programmed to include you in his plans.

But when you go to his place or vice versa and he puts the toilet seat down, he’s actually considering you! Sure there are some times where he’s pissed off at you and only says I love you out of spite. They’ll never just go out and make themselves emotionally vulnerable unless they feel secure about whom their speaking with. You’ll find that he begins to instigate hanging out a lot more and will even go out of his way to make food or coffee plans with you far in advance. In feng shui, your bedroom is the physical manifestation of your unconscious desires for a relationship.
Depending on the type of man you’re with, he may or may not be totally ready to fully commit to you.
It might not seem like much but this is a tell tale sign that he values you as a partner and wants to include you in his life! He’s mentally included you in his plans and is ready to take your relationship to the next level. Any guy that wants to spend more time with you or asks for your time through text, definitely wants to take your relationship a step further from where it’s currently at.
Here are 10 signs he wants a serious relationship (read carefully and don’t over analyze, take the advice for what it is).
If your man puts the toilet seat down, he’s definitely serious about you because he respects you. Hearing it from him personally is by far the best indicator that he’s ready for something more serious.

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