Reigning Telkom DGL Champions Re Vera (Energy eSports) have had a successful berth in the 2016 leg so far, having picked up four consecutive wins including one against rivals Ventus LoL. Certainly the change in meta contributed to the difficulties faced by the side with RoiDzZ admitting that, due to external pressures, the team has been unable to practice as much and, as such, they lack a clear understanding of the new meta and the new powerpicks, which could have contributed to some of their trouble in this match. Even after having secured all their picks in game one, RoiDzZ admits to a tough start with Ventus managing to secure two kills in the botlane very early on: “The enemy Vayne was then 3-0, after I got caught in the river, so Ventus were very well set to winning the early game with a late game ADC.
Game two the side were out-drafted and outplayed by the Ventus side with RoiDzZ admitting to being too slow to secure objectives which meant the enemy ADC and Mid were able to set up objective control too easily.
Game three saw Re Vera revert back to the Caitlyn pick and to RoiDzZ’s own comfort pick of Ekko in the jungle. Of F.3- Very TT, Re Vera’s second opponent of the weekend, RoiDzZ believes that though the team has improved since their transfer from In-Finity Gaming, the side still has “a long way to go”. Talking of his own team’s progress, RoiDzZ admits that it is hard to judge progress at the moment due to the meta changes being so impactful: “I don’t think my team has improved much since last year but I do think we are not playing like we did at DGC either.

Posted in DGL, League of Legends and tagged 2016 Telkom DGL, eN, Energy E-Sports, League of Legends, LoL, Re Vera. I believe that the top teams should be more open on strategies and help some of the newer teams.
Category: DGLESL Pro-League Main Event Starts TomorrowBy Brody Vernon on 13 May 2016Better stream portal for the South African viewers. Confirmed Weapons for Battlefield 1 Every weapon, gadget and explosive confirmed for Battlefield 1 so far.
Try Telkom’s Internet Usage Tracker View and manage your Telkom Internet broadband usage. Going into the mid-game this meant that the already behind team continued to fall off until a ‘free’ Baron secure allowed Ventus to pick up the win. This, combined with the overwhelming power of the reworked Velkoz, meant that the final game was “relatively straight-forward”.

My shot calling is definitely better this leg and the team’s moral is back to where it should be.
This would increase the countries skill level and intern increase Re Vera’s skill level.
Caitlyn then proved that she is a ridiculously strong Blue side pick as she zoned Ventus into the fights we wanted using her traps.
I understand that they do share some info on some streams and personal friends but this should be easier to find.

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