The University of Rochester deed onderzoek naar welke kleuren vrouwen aantrekkelijk vinden bij een man. Esquire vroeg vrouwen naar hun favoriete outfit bij een man en 67% gaf aan een kerel graag in eenvoudige maar mooie t-shirts en jeans te zien. Schoenenlabel Allen Edmonds vroeg 1000 vrouwen naar hun favoriete schoenen en het enigszins verrassende antwoord dat het vaakst werd gegeven: nette suede schoenen. Modern MarriedRelationship Advice For Women on How To Create a Life You Love with the Love of Your Life Learn How to Create a 5 Star Marriage with "The Love Upgrade" + VIP access to our classes and coaching programs. If you have ever wondered what makes men happy in marriage, we have the answers for you here today!
What an honor and delight to have Marriage & Family Counselor and Superstar Blogger, Aaron Anderson sharing his insights with us.
I have recruited the hubby to share his views from time to time to bring the masculine energy and wisdom to our soulful conversations. All the love songs, movies and books out there are about a man wooing a woman trying to win over her affections. But even though men may want to be loved and cared for, they want to be shown it differently than women.
And despite what the Superbowl ads would lead you to believe, most men don’t feel close to women while drinking beer and watching them dance in bikinis, either.
So how do men want to feel loved and what can wives do to show their husbands that they care? Men want a woman who is fiercely independent, who has her own desires, goals, drives and plans how to achieve them. Men absolutely love it when their wives are in tune with them enough to know when they’ve had a bad day and need to be left alone and when they’ve had a bad day and need someone to talk to about it.
Wives often fill their day with so many things with the kids, that when night time comes and it is just the two of them together, the wife has spent all her energy on the children and has none left for her husband. She forgets what’s going on at his work, what his friends are doing or how his latest hobby is going – but she can probably say exactly what score their oldest got on their spelling test or what boy their daughter likes. Men love it when their wives plan a date for the weekend to go a comedy club or a restaurant and then out for drinks afterwards.
Instead of their spouse criticizing them and pointing out flaws (which makes men feel their relationship is on dangerous ground), men want a wife who will be patient with him when he feels challenged by his shortcomings.
A man likes to know that his wife won’t take advantage of his shortcomings and will keep his insecurities safe while he’s working on them. Even though men get a bad reputation for being the least romantic of the two sexes, they still like romance. They also want to feel like they’re safe in their relationship with a partner who loves them and is invested in them. Aaron Anderson a Licensed Marriage Counselor and owner of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO. Reaching across the magical ethers from Miami to Colorado to give Aaron a big hug and thanks for this thoughtful and generous view of what makes men happy in marriage. And if that seems like a big question listen to this free podcast where we go deep into how to connect with your spouse when you are not on the same page and create a “communication highway” for the free flow of both easy and delicate topics. Posted on: November 7, 2013 8 Comments Filed Under: Healthy Relationships, Marriage AdviceLove this post?
My wife used to carry all my crap in her purse, my glasses, nail clippers, stevia, nail file, etc.

Thank you Maggie for helping us focus on what is working in our marriages and how we might do more to open a greater space for love to grow – you are truly serving the world!
I help Smart, Soulful, Successful women (just like you!) have healthier, happier, sexier marriages using simple tools I share on the blog and in my personalized coaching programs. After years working on the HR side of luxury hospitality, I realized, 5 star hotels are fabulous, but 5 star marriages are even better! Plus regular bursts of soul-filled, love-soaked inspiration + VIP access to our classes and coaching programs. Wat Chiang Man wurde 1297 als erster Tempel von Chiang Mai an der Stelle erbaut, an der Konig Mengrai sein Lager aufgeschlagen hatte, um den Bau seiner neuen Hauptstadt zu uberwachen. Das alteste Gebaude des Tempelbezirks ist die Chedi Chang Lom („von Elefanten gestutzte Chedi“): auf einem zweistockigen, kubischen Unterbau steht die vergoldete Spitze im typischen Lanna-Stil.
In der Nahe befindet sich ein Lotus-Teich, eine auf einem Ziegel-Sockel erbaute holzerne Bibliothek (Hor Trai) und ein Ubosot.
Im kleineren Viharn im Norden des Tempelbezirks stehen zwei kleine, aber sehr wertvolle Buddha-Statuen. Die zweite beruhmte Statue hei?t Phra Setang Khamani, ist etwa 10 cm hoch und besteht aus wei?em Bergkristall. Sowohl Phra Sila als auch Phra Setang Kamani stellen fur die Bewohner von Chiang Mai ein Heiligtum (Palladion) dar, welches die Stadt beschutzt. Wat Chedi Luang — Der gro?e Stupa des Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai, Thailand im Morgenlicht Der Wat Chedi Luang (Thai ?????????????, etwa Tempel der koniglichen Stupa) ist eine buddhistische Tempelanlage (Wat) in Chiang Mai in der Provinz Chiang Mai. Een achterliggende reden werd niet vermeld, maar wel gaven de dames aan graag goed verzorgd suede te zien.
As a site run by a woman and written for women, I am endlessly curious about the male side of things. I am so thrilled to add to our male voices with this heartfelt guest post where Aaron tells us the truth about what men really want out of marriage. Thanks to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, somehow men got stuck with a bad reputation when it comes to romance. But times have changed and men don’t need to protect against wild predators who are trying to eat their families anymore. Men don’t want to be taken to a good chick flick or watch a movie that makes them cry to feel close to their spouse. Men like that their wives need them but not to the point that their wife relies on them for every small thing – this feels smothering.
They like a wife who can accomplish her goals on her own (and will) but invites her husband to do things with her because it means more when he’s there. They may not ask for help when they’re working around the house, but they like to feel like their wife takes care of them everywhere else. Just like women like to be taken out on dates by their husband to be romanced and wooed, men also like to be taken out on dates.
The fact that their wife took the time to plan something they thought their husband would like is a good enough feeling that men often don’t care what they do as long as their wife planned it and thought of their husband in the mean time. And a man especially wants to feel like his wife is supportive of him in his challenges and isn’t using his challenges as reasons to walk away.
Underneath is a person who wants to be cared for, loved and take care of just as much as you do. In addition to counseling, he is also a writer for various blogs and websites all related to marriage and families.

By practicing these 5 tips, we not only create a deeper love and appreciation in our marriage, we are providing the best of role models for our children. Sprachgebrauch auch: Wat Chiang Mun) ist ein buddhistischer Tempel (Wat) im Zentrum von Chiang Mai, Nordthailand. Rund um den Sockel stehen funfzehn lebensgro?e Elefantenstatuen, von denen die vordere Halfte zu sehen ist. Vor dem Ubosot ist eine Stein-Stele aufgestellt, die auf das Jahr 1581 datiert werden kann. Auch diese Gebaude haben tief heruntergezogene Staffeldacher, wie es fur Gebaude in Lanna-Tempeln typisch ist. Chiang Mai (En Thai: ?????????) capital de la provincia de Chiang Mai, es la ciudad mas grande y significativamente cultural del norte de Tailandia. Als verklaring geeft de universiteit dat vrouwen mannen die rood dragen associeren met macht. Tijdloos en pretentieloos, zeker in combinatie met een fraaie blazer en fashionable schoenen. Misschien zit het ‘m daarin: een man die laat zien goed voor zijn schoenen te zorgen, doet dit misschien ook voor zijn vrouw? So underneath their calloused ‘nothing bothers me’ exterior, what do men really want in a relationship? Men want a woman who doesn’t need them but she asks for him to be in her life because she wants him.
He is on the Board of Directors of The Colorado Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and is the editor for the Marriage Section of the Good Men Project.
Der gro?ere Viharn wurde in den 1920er Jahren vom beruhmten Monch Kru Ba Srivichai renoviert.
Diese Statue wurde von Konigin Chamadevi aus Lopburi mitgebracht, als sie den Thron des Konigreiches von Hariphunchai bestieg.
You can get his great information about marriage on his Facebook page, by following him on twitter or on his blog the Relationship Rx. Vor der Haupt-Buddha-Statue befindet sich eine stehende Buddha-Statue, die eine Almosenschale in den Handen tragt. Rood is sowieso een magische kleur, want eerder bleek al dat sportteams met rode tenues vaker winnen dan teams die andere kleuren dragen. Auf der Stele ist auch vermerkt, dass der Ubosot von Konig Mengrai erbaut worden ist, und Phya Saen Luang ihn 1571 restaurieren lie?.
Auf dem Sockel dieser 176 cm hohen Figur ist die Jahreszahl 1465 eingraviert, sie ist somit die alteste Statue des Lanna-Reiches.
Sie ist au?erdem die erste Statue Thailands, bei der der Buddha mit einer Almosenschale dargestellt ist. Aus diesem Grund ist er in jedem Jahr zum Songkran-Fest der Mittelpunkt der Feierlichkeiten.

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