In presenting the award to Bobby Isaacs, Commissioner Campbell noted, “Enterprise employed innovative techniques and called on their engineering expertise to create a model for mining and reclamation. The ARCA (Adaptive Routing and Conflict Management for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles) introduces an innovative algorithm for conflict detection on UAVs. Within the project an autonomous on-board flight system able to guide a UAV towards a specific destination modifying its own flight trajectory in reaction to a variety of external situations, maintaining the separation with other aircraft in both restricted and non restricted airspace was developed.
One important change in Aeronautics and Air Traffic Management (ATM) is the progressive introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for both military and civil scopes. About Usesc Aerospace, headquartered in Munich and Prague (with offices in Vienna, Sofia, Kiev and Cracow) is a software & hardware producer providing innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how to benefit customers in several European countries and Industries.
As a Board member of the Regional Water Board, I encourage readers to familiarize yourselves with the draft TMDL Action Plan, provide comments, and get involved by controlling harmful sources of waste.
Water Quality Monitoring Locations: The river and regional lakes are beautiful places to swim, kayak and canoe. Watershed Cleanup Locations: In September, before the rainy season begins and when water levels in the Russian River and creeks are usually very low, several cities and organizations hold watershed clean-up events.

Safe Medicine Drop Off Locations: Most of us have medicine cabinets full of dated or no longer needed drugs. This article was authored by Ann DuBay, Principal Program Specialist of the Sonoma County Water Agency and Virginia Porter, Executive Director of RRWA.
Campbell (third from right), commissioner of the Department for Natural Resources (DNR), presented a 2010 Commissioner’s Award of Excellence in Reclamation to Enterprise Mining LLC for outstanding reclamation work on their surface facility (Permit No. This capability will only be exploitable if all commercial traffic is equipped with devices for providing navigation information such as the ADS-B.
In addition, the Regional Water Board and our agency partners will be seeking input from the community via citizen advisory committees on potential solutions.
The draft TMDL Action Plan provides flexibility to implement appropriate solutions that fit local communities. The proposed draft TMDL Action Plan, substitute environmental documentation, and supporting staff report for the Russian River Pathogen Indicator Bacteria TMDL is now available for a 45-day public comment period. In the Russian River watershed, it’s also important to minimize the use of garden chemicals and reduce the amount of sediment that can end up in creeks, streams and ultimately the river.

Medicine that is flushed ends up in sewer treatment plants, and can be nearly impossible to remove from the recycled water.
The map includes 20 major tributaries (the big creeks that feed the Russian River) and 164 smaller creeks (that feed the tributaries) showing the rich, complex network that makes the Russian River watershed such a beautiful place to live and a rich ecosystem for plants and animals. The Regional Water Board strategy, called a total maximum daily load Action Plan (TMDL Action Plan), specifically focuses on ways to protect those who recreate in the Russian River Watershed by identifying and controlling all sources of insufficiently treated human and domestic animal waste from entering the water. For several years, RRWA has been working with local pharmacies and healthcare providers to develop a network of locations where medicine can be safely and securely disposed.
To date, more than 44,000 pounds of medicine has been dropped off at these sites, which can now be easily found on the interactive map.

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