I read through it and realized everything they make available via their marketing platform can be done using WordPress also… with one major difference. So I set out to show you, my fellow faith-based and church marketers, how to do the same things in WordPress, for free, without giving up any of the features, functionality, or beauty, of a $28,840 marketing platform.
Transforming your ecommerce website into a well-optimised, visible and globalised platform is obligatory if, as an enterprise, you are keen to make your business an international force.
At a base level, most if not all of your static content can easily be translated across all your markets (from content that is originally produced in your primary language).
However, with other content, such as country-specific news updates and marketing campaigns, the translation needs to be bespoke and unique to the target audience. Most websites that have them, position language options at the top right of the page and accordingly this has become something of a standard.
At a more technical level, there are further elements to consider, such as the URL structure of your website.
If you’re really going to invest in a multilingual website, you have to go further than translating just the content. Failure to consider cultural differences between your target markets when designing your website is a huge mistake.
Take onboard the above and your ecommerce website will be in good shape to compete effectively on the global stage. The most important requirement for coming up with relevant content is to try to understand how it will be of help to your visitors. It is important that you understand your clients before you can hope to be relevant to them. A client persona should capture the fundamental essence of who is purchasing your product or hires your business. When people are searching for something many of them are typing complete sentences not just keywords. If your site is effective at focusing on your target keywords, then you increase your chances of ranking high in the search engines. Meta descriptions should not only contain a keyword or related words, they should also have an effective style. When a visitor clicks a link from a search engine results page to your webpage, the first thing they come across needs to be relevant.
In order for your site to be relevant and influence your visitor’s interest it is advisable that you create specific contents that solve problems. The best way to approach this is by looking at what content is ranking the highest for your target keywords. George Meszaros is the editor and co-founder of Success Harbor where entrepreneurs learn about building successful companies.

I'm pretty sure here in 2016, we all know why wedding websites (aka " wedsites") are so awesome. Hopefully most of your guests will already know what you are all about, but when it comes to guests' dates, extended family, coworkers, and folks like that, some back-story may be welcome. If you are planning to register for gifties, it is pretty efficient to find that information on your wedsite. This one is so not required (is anything on Offbeat Bride ever REALLY required?!), but if you're planning to remember key elements of planning or DIYing (or want to submit to a certain website), a blog updating your planning progress can be super helpful and even cathartic at times.
Think of the process as akin to a refurbishment – the core of what you have stays the same but everything else benefits from a nice revamp. This should be fairly straightforward, as best practice states that such text should be composed in a simple, neutral and easily translatable manner. It can be made visible in multiple ways: through a national flag symbol, the name of a country or through a combination of both.
Your main aim here is to successfully geotarget aspects of your website to your markets so that they receive the most relevant content with little effort. The visual element also has to be modified to fit in with the style sensibilities of your target market and the particular features that are unique to a certain language and culture. Beyond getting the foundations of your platform right, the challenge is to maintain quality and consistency across the board.
One of the best way to remain relevant in your industry is to write awesome website content or hire a website content writer. Only once you are sure that what you are creating is helpful should you start creating your website content.
SEO provides an ideal opportunity for you to use your target keywords throughout your site.
It is important because it is what people see when they are looking at search engine results. Word count isn’t everything, but a 4000 word article is normally more valuable than a 500 word article. Success Harbor is dedicated to document the entrepreneurial journey through interviews, original research, and unique content. Before you can make sure they read your wedding website, you have to make sure they know about - and just a little URL on the invitations may not be enough. You could even include a "who to call" cheat sheet online so that anyone can access it on their smartphones in those we-need-to-know-this-NOW moments.
If you're having a Star Wars theme, guests would love to know that you guys met at Comic-Con.

20somethings may be totally phone- and snail mail-phobic (trust us, we're right there with you), so an online RSVP is great for when you want to collect and track the headcount without having to track down web nerds like us. Most guests can Google nearby sites, but if it's your town, you probably know the really great places to see, to eat at, or in which to get sloshed. This is especially true if you're going to use a wedding registry where guests can browse and buy.
Think of all your websites as distinct, as if they are satellites circling your main website. The qualities of the former are the fact the geotargeting clearly highlights the source of a website, making server location redundant. Maintain this level of professionalism and you’re sure to reach more people than ever before. The bottom line is that content is what sets your website apart. Writing relevant content sounds easy yet most websites have little of it.
Proper and effective optimization involves positioning the right keywords in the right places.
Don't just share the website address, but TELL guests they NEED to visit it to get important information. It may feel a little me-me-me, but it might make those less close folks feel more connected with your wedding, and avoid people feeling like the pop cultural references are all inside jokes they don't get. In such an instance, they need to be able to quickly and easily access the version that is in their primary language. It doesn’t really matter if your page is a blog, an evergreen article page, or even your home page. Make sure that you include your target keyword as close to the start of the meta description as you can. As your content answers customer questions, you’ll improve your rankings on the SERPs.
If the highest ranked article on your topic is 1000 words, make your content 1500 words long. You will also dominate your niche by making website content that is laser-centered around your target market. If you want your content to outrank what is already out there, you must make your content much better.

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