The Accessibility Wizard allows the user to select page attributes such as the background color, output type, and output size.
When GRAPHICAL is selected in the Output Formats, the options for GRAPHICAL FORMATS is activated.
The OPTIONS area allows for the incorporation of notes that have been made in the PowerPoint presentation.
It's like three programs in one - a web editor, a graphics program, and a pubisher to get your site on the web. Best Practices for charts and data tables in Microsoft Word is to create the items within the document.
When selecting these items, review the target audience for the presentation as well as how it will be presented (on a large screen or on personal computers), to determine the best selections. As well, this screen of the Wizard is where the file name can be entered, output language selected, and a template color scheme can be selected.

A graphical view of the different templates is located in the Examples are under Color Schemes. The Accessibility Wizard recognizes charts in Word as images and prompts for information that describes the chart in case a user has graphics turned off.
If only one Graphical Format is selected, the Default Graphics will match the size automatically. Create graphics within the program with advanced effects such as shadows, embossing, and gradients. To view additional colors, select the CHANGE COLOR button and the color palate window will open. If more than one selection is made in the Graphical Format, a selection by the user must be made in the Default Graphics. The text tool gives you complete control over size, style, placement, and color of your text.

It can index most file formats and generate multilingual ultrafast, powerfull and compact search engine with a nice look and feel. RSS Wizard is an HTML to RSS converter than can generate the RSS feed out of virtually any web page without having to edit it first.
You can use the Shop at the beginning of every level to buy a more advanced spaceship, weapons, armor plating, reactor, shield, and much more. Forensically acquire user data such as contacts, call logs, SMS, MMS, pictures, videos, and much more.

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