Obviously the next step was to browse to the Windows Process Activation Service service (annoying name huh?) and try and start that.
Bob McKay is the Managing Director of Fresh Mango BVI & UK, programmer and a self confessed techie-geek type. This article introduces tips for troubleshooting common web service errors that can creep in during application configuration.
The first and foremost step is to manually validate the locations of all of your class files. The first time you sign in to developerWorks, a profile is created for you, so you need to choose a display name. Keep up with the best and latest technical info to help you tackle your development challenges. He has more than five years of experience in enterprise-level technologies and a master's degree in software engineering. Or are you noticing unusual error messages that don't tell you much about the root causes of the problems? If not all of the class files are present, then you need to reconfigure your application so that the application server picks up all of the necessary classes during creation of the web service. If you try to add the new operations in the implementation class and try to redeploy it, sometimes, even though the WSDL files gets generated, it doesn't generate the proper serializations and deserialization files. If serialization and deserialization files are present, verify that the class attributes are present in those files.Verify from the WSDL file whether the complex object contains the reference of the object which it is using for the web service or not. Hone your skills and learn more about Rational tools with these courses, which range from introductory to advanced. Your display name must be unique in the developerWorks community and should not be your email address for privacy reasons.

He has received many awards and other recognition for his excellent project delivery and innovation. The chances of getting this sort of exception increase if you keep modifying the individual files without revalidating or republishing the web service WSDL files. The courses on this catalog are available for purchase through computer-based training or Web-based training. He has also submitted a PowerPoint template to Microsoft that has been downloaded more than 2000 times, worldwide, and been rated 4.0 out of 5 stars. This article will help you in finding a possible way out to address these problems.You will learn basic techniques to diagnose various problems related to web services by using these IBM tools.
If you redeploy the whole web service application, it is a good practice to ensure that all runtime-generated files (which are specific to application servers) are created.
For example, in the case of JAX-RPC, try finding the webservices.xml file and the corresponding WSDD files. However, when we invoke that method, we are finding that the Address information is not coming up in the test client as it should be if the complex object is clearly defined.
His subject areas include Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), web services, service-oriented architecture (SOA), AJAX, spring, Hibernate, and CORBA. This article emphasizes the application's environment-level issues and the issues that might come up during the web service configuration. For example, in case of JAX-RPC web services, right-click Java EE and then click Prepare for Deployment to generate the Java serializers and deserializers.Hi there, this is a Web service!(GenerateDetails web service)If you are seeing the default web service messages while using the web service URL to validate whether the web service is up and running, however, you are not able to call the methods, you need to investigate the issue. This is also one of the scenarios where, if you ping the web service URL, you get the message saying "Hi there, this is a Web service!" but it doesn't yield any results for the exposed web service methods. Web service Explorer windowRational Application Developer provides the WSDL mapping view, which you can find by double-clicking the WSDL file, as you can see in the WSDL view design mode (Figure 17).Figure 17.

WSDL in design modeThis illustration gives the complete information about all of the exposed operations of the web service.
However, you could encounter a situation where your web service is active but couldn't process the request.
To verify whether a generated WSDL has a complex object attribute Address or not, follow these steps: Click getCustomerDetails to view the details. Because this method contains the Address class as defined in the Java file, the generated WSDL ideally should contain this. Deployed Web service status in running modeYou can investigate the issue by using a few of the exposed web service methods to check whether you can receive the response or not. It is clear from the "WSDL complex object attribute" screen (Figure 18) that the generated WSDL does not contain the object Address that is defined in the Customer class.
In addition to this, try to verify, through the logs, what is getting posted in the application server logs directory when you are using the web service. Therefore, you need to define the Address class in the generated WSDL and, once again, you need to republish the web service so that it can create the serialization and deserialization files for that object.Figure 18.
This article can help you in quickly recognize the nature of the problem and can help you in debugging the weird issues that normally doesn't seems to appear at first time.

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