You start a web site on your own local computer by creating one or more HTML pages, then linking them together. To have full control over your web pages (and to be able to create interactivity using scripting languages) it’s best to code by hand. You can do this with any text editor (like Notepad), but there are some much better free text editors (like TextPad). This is an example of a paired tag, which need a starting tag and a matching closing tag (indicated with the forward-slash). The head section of an HTML page contains information about the page, like what it’s title is, whether it should use stylesheets etc. You may want to check out the basic HTML tags, and play with putting some of these into your HTML.
Whenever you open up a web site, or a particular directory on a web site, without asking for a particular page, the web server will give you the default page or index page. All you need to know for now is that every folder in your site should have a file named something like index.html.
All you need to do is type that into your web browser address field, or use File > Open and browse for the file. The anchor tag has a couple of uses, but its main one is to create hyperlinks to other places.
The text inside the anchor tags is now an active link, which you can see by the blue, underlined style.
This is great, we have two working web pages, linked together, which forms the basis of a web site. But, for other people to see our site, it needs to be hosted on a server that is connected to the World Wide Web. You can compare the local files to the files on the server, and upload or download between them. Ben has over 20 years' experience in web design and marketing, and is one of the most influential figures on the subject of effective web design. In 2015, Ben created Open-Source Marketing, which promises to turn the practice of marketing upside down.. For someone who has worked jobs ranging from Club Med sport instructor, to Hollywood set assistant, to CEO of a software company, he said writing a book about unexpected journeys felt like an appropriate choice.
Intrigued by the journeys of young people, Rabin said he was inspired to write about a college graduate who was making his first steps into the working world.
With the country set to host the Olympics this summer, Rabin also saw Brazil as a place that readers would be interested in. Rabin believes that creative thinking is required to keep employees engaged in their company and to figure out new ways to stay ahead of the competition. After his company was sold to CA Technologies, Rabin said he finally had the time to pursue writing.
For Nicolas Nezhat, a startup founder whom Rabin mentors, this career switch is not surprising. Writing a novel might not have been possible if not for his varying experiences in the work world, Rabin said.
When writing the novel, Rabin said, he tried to include everything he has learned from his many different experiences, and that in the process of writing he also found out something new about himself. Boutique bicoastal tutoring agency is SEEKING TUTORS for students in grades 6-12 in ALL SUBJECTS AND SATs! Offering bike shares in Westwood is a good idea, but impractical when few bike lanes or sharrows exist in the Village. The bike share will help students who are already comfortable cycling on heavily trafficked streets. Westwood does not need a bike share, and cyclists could further congest already crowded streets.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers canceled their headlining show at KROQ's Weenie Roast in Los Angeles on Saturday after frontman Anthony Kiedis was hospitalized, according to reports. If you're wondering how Australia is taking its narrow loss at Eurovision, the answer is not well. Nearly two years since the diagnosis she is now cancer-free, and on Friday, she gave a precious speech at her dad's New York City wedding. Though it was her father’s big day, Leah found herself back in the spotlight after a video of her speech and of her dancing with her father and stepmother went viral.
This cute baby squirrel is so grateful for being rescued that he refuses to leave the family who saved him. The lowly waffle iron is enjoying a renaissance as the world realizes (a) waffles are good for any meal, and (b) there's so much more to make with this appliance.
You may have thought that the fiddle went out of style with the turn of the nineteenth century, but you're wrong. The post A Commenting System to Rule them All: Why Choosing the Right Comment System can Make or Break your Blog appeared first on ProBlogger. The post How to Choose a Blog Topic That’s Pre-Programmed for Success appeared first on ProBlogger. The post Content Creation: How to Steal Your Way to a Successful Blog appeared first on ProBlogger. The post How to Get Paid for Freelance and Brand Work on Time, Every Time appeared first on ProBlogger. What are the key skills that, in an hypothetical situation where there were no schools as we know them today, I would deem essential for my son and daughters to learn in their youth? By posing myself this question over and over, and by questioning traditional curriculums and the real, practical usefulness of them in helping a human being survive and realize the dreams and ideas he conceives of, I have arrived at thirty-five key skills that I have listed in this multi-part guide. In this new and unique learning curriculum there is very little of what schools normally provide.
Made exception for some basic math (though learned and understood with a completely different approach) and for dwelling deeper into truly understanding how to "read" something or knowing more about one's own body and physiology, the thirty-five skills that I have explored in this guide share very little similarities, if any, with those that you can gain in the 13 years of basic traditional school education.
My key selection criteria in considering, evaluating and finally choosing anyone of the skills that I have here listed, has been a rather simple question: does the mastering of this skill significantly affect my probability to live a meaningful, constructive and rewarding life experience independently of the time, part of the world, social class, and group that one could be living in? If you search online for "the value" or importance of knowing how to search and look for information or real things, you will have a very hard time finding anything useful or that even talks about this topic. If you search for "how to search" you will not find much relevant information also, outside of tutorials on how to use Google and other major search engines. In the first ten pages of Google search results I have not been able to find any up-to-date, reliable and informed content explaining in a comprehensive fashion how to search for anything, whether online or off. It would seem as if historically search skills and abilities have been cultivated only by a restricted elite of investigators, writers, collectors, scientists and philosophers who have taken on personally their quest for finding answers to key questions and mysteries. The better one is able to develop critical thinking and questioning skills that allow him to restrict and define what to search for and where, the more effective one becomes at searching and finding things.
Learning to play mind-games that involve thinking of and the use of questions to uncover a secret something can be particularly useful in this direction, as any other game that promotes the use of critical skills and questions. Investigating a subject in-depth, by gathering as many facts and references as possible, from various sources and with different viewpoints, which need to be evaluated, verified and vetted helps in the development of valuable search skills. For these reasons learning how to do content curation can prove to be a very effective approach to learn just about any subject and to rapidly refine one's own searching skills.
When you steer and guide a ship to its destination, this is an example of a time when you navigate. Information is everywhere, but having access to it does not mean knowing how to find, evaluate and use that information effectively. Navigating physical or information spaces is a required activity to move from anyone place to a new one.
Moving is simply about the displacement of a person or object from a place to another one, assuming both are in clear view of each other and there are no obstacles or resistance between them. To navigate is a very valuable skill both for anyone working inside information spaces like the Web as well as for anyone who needs to drive, sail, fly or move transportation vehicles of any kind from one place to another in absence of clear route indications as well as under unpredictable, confusing and emergency conditions. To effectively navigate any space or distance it is of the essence to develop the ability to easily assess present position as well as final destination. The more fuzzy, out of focus or not clearly defined any of these two references the harder, more time consuming and difficult (uncertain) it becomes to navigate between them. Knowing how to use numbers to calculate the probabilities of something as the cost of an investment you have to make, or to establish how much time is left before you arrive at a location, are just a fraction of the hundreds of situations one encounters daily in which having the ability to do basic calculations with numbers can prove to be very useful.
The best and most effective way to learn how to calculate with numbers is to play with numbers. The more you get accustomed and familiar with ways to calculate how to win, how to score or keep tabs on other players, the better skilled you can get at using numbers effectively.
There are literally hundreds of physical, mental and digital games designed specifically to help people become familiar with numbers and arithmetic, as well as many simple techniques that can simplify a great deal the memorization of relevant patterns and formulas needed to rapidly calculate even without pen and paper.

Traditional social games like many of those based on cards can provide some fun way to practice and use basic calculation techniques easily and in ways that provide an immediate reward.
Another important consideration to be made when trying to learn math outside of a traditional academic environment is the need to understand both the "how" of calculation as well as the "why" it works. Without full understanding of both "how" and "why" it is much more difficult to retain and store in long-term memory any new learning. TopMarks Math Learning Games - A curated resource to help you find the best and most reliable educational resources online.
Sleep and good rest are very important for the well being of a person because they help your brain and nervous system prepare for the next day challenges, as well as creating new pathways and neural connections which help you learn from information and experiences you have gathered from the outside world.
Research shows that people who get good rest can learn better and faster than those who don't. On the other hand, people who rest little, do not sleep enough or have sleep deficiencies of some kind may have more problems taking decisions, solving problems, being able to control their emotions and coping with changes around them. Another key symptom of lack of sufficient rest is the limited ability to focus, concentrate and specifically to pay sustained undivided attention to something. Last but not least, lack of good rest can result in specific physical consequences such as increased risks for your heart and blood vessels as well a much increased risk of getting obese. To rest effectively it is not just about deciding to rest, as our bodies and mind are not generally trained and skilled to go into rest-mode at command.
A number of elements need to be taken into consideration and addressed, in order to create the right physical, mental and environmental conditions for your body and mind to actually rest themselves. The less stressed you are the easier and faster you can get to rest and to recover new energies.
The more you exercise and use your body in non-harmful physical activities, the easier it is to put it into rest mode. Rest does not long periods of time, but it does need to have a quiet environment to do work effectively.
Give appropriate consideration to the place, position, and materials on which you intend to rest as they all have an influence on the quality of your rest. Training body and mind to stay up during night time for extended periods of time deprives body-mind from appropriate rest and recharging no matter how much time you sleep during the day. Stimulants do just that: stimulate your brain and nervous system to stay awake, ready and alert. Discipline and consistency helps your body maintain and autoregulate its needs and requirements for recharging more easily. Before the 20th century most human beings had lots of personal knowledge about how to keep themselves healthy and about how to cure themselves in natural ways (as pharmaceutical solutions were not available at the time). Given the uncertainty of the future and of healthcare services in years to come, and considering the many risks associated with a blinded dependence on a for-profit institution, the pharma industry, which is clearly more interested in revenues that in its patients health, it would be much better for those interested in having greater control of their life expectancy, to invest in getting to know more about how their bodies function and in re-acquiring traditional knowledge about health and natural remedies. The more you know about the human body, its specs, features and requirements, the better equipped you are in understanding and finding natural ways to prevent and resolve non-life critical illnesses.
To learn about your body and how it works there are literally hundreds of quality resources ranging from web sites, to videos, books and seminars where it is possible to dive and learn everything that you ever wanted to know. You just need not wait for this information to arrive to you at some point in your life, because it won't.
This is why to learn to cure oneself without medicines and without doctors, a fast approach is to travel and to go to live for some period of time in a place where there are no doctors and no hospitals and to see and experience firsthand how humans in these situations can still live a very healthy life and how they cope and contrast typical health problems that all humans have.
Your body always knows and it has its own means how to recover from any illness, diseases or non-critical accident. Your body is weakened and loses a bit of its capacity to recover form anything, anytime you poison it. Originally written and curated by Robin Good and first published on MasterNewMedia on Tuesday June 3th 2014 as What We Really Need To Learn To Be Successful In Life - Part V. In the previous parts of this guide I have expanded on Stephen Downes original 10 points included in his excellent guide "How To Be Successful", which I curated and republished (with his permission) in 2006.
Buy-in occurs when an individual sees clearly that all of his needs, interests, desires and fears have been fully taken into account. Buy-in also occurs when a person feels integral part of the group and of the decision-making process where he is asked to provide support. The tangible benefit of buy-in is the fact that whoever buys in will also feel responsible for whatever is being created or produced. Furthermore, a group of people who has bought in into a project or idea is generally excited about it and will do whatever in its capabilities to make it succeed, including being much more flexible and willing to adapt to the needs and requirements of the project.
Buy-in can happen as long as the people asked to contribute and support can clearly a see a tangible benefit in their lives for taking this course of action. If you're serious about writing, this programme will help you develop your skills in various kinds of writing, including short fiction, non-fiction, script-writing, poetry and writing for children. Learn about the craft of writing through exercises, workshops, discussion, speakers, but most of all through writing itself. The Writing Programme recognises the two major literary and linguistic traditions in New Zealand, English and Maori.
Short fiction IDevelop an ear and eye for a good story, and learn the craft that can make a good story great. Short fiction IIBe challenged in technical skill and imagination, in both what you write about, and how you write it. A strong emphasis is given to revising and crafting. Scriptwriting (stage and screen)Step into the world of dramatic and visual writing, and develop the craft skills for writing original scripts for stage and film.
Entry to the course is based on an interview and samples of your writing - for example this may be a technical report or a collection of poems. If you are applying to do the Diploma as the first year of the Bachelor of Applied Arts (Creative Writing) you will also need to meet the Whitireia Degree Entry Requirements. What if I am only interested in learning about writing, but not interested in a qualification? Are there extra costs on top of fees?There may be some extra costs for attendance at performances, purchase of books etc. Where do I get information on Student Allowance and Student Loans?These are administered through Studylink at the Ministry of Social Development.
Is there a difference in course content between the Diploma in Creative Writing [delivered on-campus] and the Diploma in Creative Writing [delivered online]? I can remember the first day of the course when we were given a writing exercise and told to ‘write something in this moment’. It was a year I could play with words – and I began to discover how rewarding that could be. Whitireia degree entry requirements; evidence of suitability for on-campus based on interview and portfolio. Whitireia and WelTec have formed a strategic partnership to developa network of tertiary learning throughout the Wellington region. Hong Kong, 4 September – Microsoft Hong Kong today gathered with more than 700 partners at Microsoft Channel Partner Kick-off 2014 to share opportunities for partners to grow their business and win together with Microsoft in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world.
More and more customers are reimagining their business with Microsoft’s cloud and mobile technologies. Working with Microsoft and other hospitality solutions partner and application development and design company, the Group’s custom Windows 8.1 touch app will allow guests to quickly and easily request hotel services, such as housekeeping, laundry and in-room dining.
Strategic Outsourcing Services (SOS) Group Limited is one of Microsoft’s cloud partners, and it has effectively transformed to succeed in this cloud and mobile era. Anything you put in the body of your HTML will be displayed in the browser (unless it’s hidden). You can call their freephone number at any time, and you will speak directly to a technician who can assist you immediately, and their hosting packages start from under A?15 per year!
Yes, you really can get the same clean look and great functionality for any WordPress site instantly! Releasing Friday, the book focuses on a character named Hart, a recent UCLA graduate who, along with his best friend Simon, ventures through the crime-ridden underground of Brazil in the days leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games. However, he said working as CEO of Miramar Systems was the job that best prepared him for novel writing. This skill proved invaluable when he was looking for ways to keep readers engaged, he said. Fortunately, I have the latitude to pursue things on my own time that I wanted to do so that was great,” he said.
With the book’s positive reviews, Rabin said he feels the work he put into his book has been validated.
We are looking for an awesome, fun and creative tutor with experience in Science, Math, Arts & Music to help implement a phenomenal home school program for two of our boys. We're really sad, we love you so much, we live to rock," he said in a fan-shot video from the event.

The singer came within a whisper of winning the singing contest for Australia, but was beaten at the last minute by a politically-charged performance from the Ukraine's Jamala. Now that [the wedding] is officially here, it's the beginning of our future and the end to a hard time," the NFL player told People magazine. As I write these words, dedicated men and women struggle to grow their blogs and they don’t have a clue as to the cause. In our experience, bloggers tend not to be very familiar with their rights when they enter into a contract with a company.
Most of the information available online today relates to search engines and specifically to how to utilize them as marketing and advertising channels.
That is to become very good at searching anything one must become very good at asking very good and relevant questions. The difference between moving and navigating, consists in the fact that navigation is a more complex skill than moving, as it requires the ability to first understand where one is positioned, and then to identify and plot the best route and means to reach a new destination. The better one can assess and define these two elements, the easier it becomes to move between them. Lack of good rest can also negatively influence your social relationships, as people who lack sufficient rest are often angry and impulsive, can be subject to fast mood swings, may easily feel sad or depressed or demotivated.
So when you solicit them intensely into high-energy activities you will then need to provide extra time for them to return to a relaxed and restful state. Nonetheless humans had a much shorter life span, they were able to keep at bay, cure and protect themselves from most of the non-lethal illnesses and diseases.
Too much money, organizations and people are at work everyday to make it more and more difficult for you to discover, access and learn about these alternative approaches and methods as they would positively dent their multi-billion dollar interest in health as a business industry.
You only need to help the body do its own recovery course by taking away anything that could slow it down or impair it.
If schools as we know them, were not there, what would I consider top critical skills to be learned for my kids?
People who have seriously bought-in into an idea will naturally brag about it, will share the idea with others and will try to find ways to make it better. In practical terms these people will find extra time to go through the actual changes needed to achieve the goal they have bought in, even if these require them to learn new stuff, change habits and approach certain things in novel and unfamiliar ways. Develop your strengths, your critical eye, your knowledge of how the writing business works, and discover where you fit in the vast landscape of writing.
Exercise the imagination every day through writing exercises, learn to critique and edit your work, and hear how a range of writers talk about their work and the writing life.
Workshop short drama scripts with acting students and have sessions with writers, directors and producers, giving you a practical understanding of the New Zealand film and theatre industry. Write a short personalised essay, a feature article, a proposal for a non-fiction book, and a short piece for the web. The editing module aims to improve writers’ general ability to edit their own work to a high standard. The Creative Writing Programme allows you to both follow your passion, and gain a qualification.
There have been students with post-graduate degrees, and students with a minimum of formal education.
The short answer is sometimes – it depends on the number of weeks the module goes for and its ‘EFTS’ (Equivalent Full Time Student). See the Staff tab on our home page.In addition to the core tutors, you meet with a number of other practising writers as guest speakers.
Graduates from the Whitireia Writing Programme appear in almost every aspect of New Zealand writing life. Those words were like a flash of lightning – I knew this was going to be a really different style of teaching than I’d experienced years ago when I did a degree in English. It was a great opportunity to immerse myself in writing in a supportive environment, surrounded by other writers – aspiring writers like myself, and accomplished writers as mentors.
The event also hosted an IT Executive Forum where CIOs of both enterprises and SMEs shared their business challenges and insights in this new era and how cloud and mobile help transform and reimagine their businesses. Each touch app is infused with Mandarin Oriental’s luxury brand elements and is completely configurable via a cloud management solution offered by iRiS Software Systems, which runs on Microsoft Azure. According to the latest Hong Kong SME Cloud Adoption and Security Readiness Survey, jointly conducted by The Internet Society Hong Kong and the Cloud Security Alliance Hong Kong and Macau Chapter, 50% of surveyed SMEs have already adopted cloud services to varying degrees.
Alan Yip, Director – Technology Solutions of Icicle Group, said, “Icicle Group specializes in delivering cost effective marketing solutions and supply chain management services at the highest world standards to international brands. Requirements: - not afraid to take initiative and give opinion - organizational and interpersonal skills - valid driver license Could lead to full-time opportunity as a communication coordinator. The answer goes way back in history, making it all the more amazing that the legend is still here. Whether you’re a journalist, author, blogger, or anything else–your words have power. If you do, you may resolve one thing yes, but the price you pay for having done so, is generally much bigger and more difficult to resolve than letting your body do its own work. All the teaching is focussed on learning about writing and all students are enrolled in a qualification. If you complete the assessment requirements for that module you’re eligible for the credits listed. Graduates have published over 160 books, and a great many shorter works, in both literary and general magazines, on radio, on stage and on the screen. You learn about writing through trying out different genres and workshopping your own, and other students’ writing. The on-campus Diploma in Creative Writing includes three core modules (Origins, Professional Studies and Editing) which aren’t in the online course, and the online course includes two extra genre modules – Writing for Children and Short Fiction II.
I could try my hand at different genres and finally rediscover the ones I felt I was made for. Microsoft also gave out 20 awards to top-performing local partners at this annual kick-off event. The Hotel Group has collaborated with Microsoft to provide Windows 8.1 as a platform for delivering a premium digital experience to the luxury hotel group’s guests. Offering an even further customized experience, guests may log into the Surface Pro tablet using their own Microsoft Account to access personal email and files on OneDrive, as well as use their favorite apps associated with their Microsoft Account profile. Microsoft has been actively helping Hong Kong SMEs migrate to the cloud, and the number of SME cloud users is growing in triple digits year-on-year. Like many SMEs, we are limited in our IT resources, with only a small number of IT specialists to provide end-to-end and round-the-clock support to our company’s information systems. IDC research revealed that cloud partners had 1.6 times the recurring revenue as a portion of total revenue versus other partners1. For more information click on the ‘ask a question’ button (top right hand column) or phone 0800 944 847.
Apart from that, both Diplomas contain similar teaching material and will extend your writing and help develop your versatility as a writer.
The first year of the Bachelor of Applied Arts (Creative Writing) is Level 5, the second year is Level 6, and the last year is Level 7.
With Microsoft’s remote data removal functionality and write filtering, the guest profile and personal data will be removed from the device.
This is why we decided to migrate part of our IT infrastructure to the Office 365 cloud service. Their cloud services provide significant opportunities for their partners to drive business value both for themselves and for their customers,” said Howard Chow, Director of SOS Group Limited.
IDC also predicts that spending on public cloud services in Hong Kong will grow from US$251m in 2013 to US$685m in 20172. In conjunction with Microsoft, Mandarin Oriental has created a suite of five custom Windows 8.1 touch apps, available in nine different languages, that manage services for in-room dining, concierge and housekeeping requests, a guest compendium that provides information about the hotel’s facilities, and access to guest feedback and guest preferences.
Upon checkout, the device is automatically wiped clean of personal guest data and restored to the hotel’s customized homepage design. This hybrid cloud model allows the professional and trustworthy service provider to manage our day-to-day IT infrastructure and maintenance, ensuring regular system patching and backup processes.
At the same time, we can retain and manage sensitive customer data in our own internal system. In the past two years, our cloud revenue in Hong Kong has increased by 300% year-on-year and our number of new cloud customers has grown over 500% year-on-year.
Hong Kong is the business hub linking China and the world and there are a lot of companies with cross-border operations.

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