This is the safest option you can choose, when you want to expose your business process as an industry standard web service, which can later be consumed by a client (consumer) either using a web service proxy or HTTP post of correctly formatted SOAP message. Let's assume you have exposed your orchestration as web service, bound the inbound logical port to the auto-generated SOAP receive port (created by the wizard) and enlisted-started the Orchestration. Usage of PassThru pipeline inside the auto-generated SOAP ReceiveLocation is bit contrary when you are using Orchestrations and dealing with XML messages.
Due to the configuration of PassThru pipeline by default, any properties (both distinguished and promoted) defined in your schema won't get into to the context, which creates potential problem if you want to use content based routing.
When you bind the logical orchestration port to physical auto-generated SOAP ReceivePort and start (enlist) the orchestration, the subscription for the orchestration will look identical to the one shown in SNIPPET #1 (earlier). Due to the fact, the auto-generated SOAP ReceiveLocation uses PassThru pipeline by default.
The exception is mainly raised because SOAP adapter puts the wrong DocumentSpecName property in the message context and hands over the message to the pipeline. If you don't have any inbound maps to be applied on the port level and you are not dependant on promoted properties (distinguished and promoted) defined in the schema outside the orchestration, then you can use PassThru pipeline (configured by default by auto-generated SOAP receive location).

The only difference is we are appending the schema root element name to the schema Type Name. When you expose your Orchestration as web service the auto generated code will look similar to our modified code.
NOTE: You need to be careful with Solution #2 and #3, because regenerating the web-service code will result in losing the manual changes you performed. Great article Saravana, I have inherited a BizTalk app with a SOAP adapter and tried using solution #3, but have run into issues with XML Disassemble stage in the pipeline. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. You will now be able to reference your service just like any other type within C# in order to invoke it.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged biztalk or ask your own question. To travel 30 km from India to Sri Lanka, do I really have to take a 1500 km, 20 hour detour?

The Orchestration gets the message by other subscription conditions (ex: MethodName) without the need for MessageType.
Adding a service reference creates the necessary libraries for your client to consume the service.
The problem really starts when you just want to expose your schemas as web services as explained in next topic. The client will invoke your service (possibly passing parameters), you service will do its stuff and return a response back to the client.

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