Even the most accurate programmers and webmasters make SEO gaffes and outright mistakes when working on sites over a sustained period so it’s essential to regularly audit progress. SEO analysis is typically made during the early stages of website development when the site is all shiny and new however, as newer content is added the SEO picture can change beyond recognition. ALL websites accumulate technical errors such as 404 dead links and broken named anchors etc.
Google literally hates linking, navigation and related website issues so fixing ALL problems is critical to your SEO efforts.
The importance of a regular website audit cannot be underestimated and things like simple broken links can seriously damage your credibility. On-the-page Optimization analysis reports if keywords are used in the correct areas certain search engines consider important for high rankings.
Thanks to a strong system and a competitive price point, Toxic SEO is ideal for webmasters, business owners, marketers, stand-alone SEO specialists and even large marketing agencies! No part of this site shall be copied or reproduced in any way whatsoever without the express permission of Internet Unlimited LLC in writing.
To ensure that a website stays highly optimized and ranks well for search engines, conducting regular SEO analyses is critical. It’s pretty much humanly impossible to monitor every link to every page, image, script and other file on a large site.
You NEED to conduct regular website audits which alert you to found errors if you don’t wish to see your SERPs sliding into the wilderness. It actually makes sense as visitors are less likely to trust websites if they’re slow, have links that lead nowhere and worse, an interrupted or confusing sales funnels will costs you dearly in abandoned orders too!

And it’s absolutely impossible to control resources located on other servers that you may be linking to.
Not a lot of people get what site auditing is even though the term ‘site or website audit’ is thrown around a lot in the web circle. It’s an important procedure in understanding and resolving website issues that may lead to the penalty.What is a Website Audit?The website audit is like a checkup of your website to get insights into its overall health.
Some webmasters are like those people who believe in going to the doctor only when the appendix ruptures. They only seek an auditor when they get a Google warning or when their rankings drop, but to ensure optimal performance of your website throughout the year, you should get frequent auditing done.How frequently should you get a website audit done?This is subjective.
But experts are of the opinion that you should get your site audited once every six months.Can I do a website audit myself? If yes, how?Site auditing is a lengthy process and one that warrants an expert set of eyes to discern collected data to pinpoint the problem and choose the best possible solutions.And auditing would cost a good amount.
And DIY audits would both give you a better understand of what does and does not work for a website plus you’d be able to recognize problems in time. Although a site auditing is technical and honestly, a tedious task that requires expert analysis, here are a few basic components of a site audit that even beginners can doKeyword ResearchA lot is riding on the type of keywords you choose. So it makes sense starting with examining the building blocks of your website.If you have done your homework while researching for keywords, this wouldn’t be a lengthy process. You need to analyze which of the keywords are bringing in organic traffic and where do you rank in comparison with competitors for that keyword. KeywordXP Pro would give you a quick list of organic keywords and their positions as well.Now, check which of your competitors rank ahead of you for that keyword.

And two, it sends a message to Google that you’re not performing well.There are a lot of reasons for a website’s low speed. You mightn’t know the technicalities of it but know that if you click on your web link and it takes a time to load, you need to get this fixed immediately.User ExperienceBe an unbiased and stern user, and analyze whether your website offers good UX, in terms of layout, navigation and arrangement of content. Site speed again is a major requisite for good UX.Content Is KingIf you were the targeted audience, would your website’s content work for you? Is it engaging, relevant and most importantly does it offer something of value?Content is king – in whatever format you choose – do not slack with this. If you feel your content can do better, then definitely hire someone to do it better.Also is your website hosting duplicate content? This could lead to a penalty, use OpenSite Explorer to see if there is any duplicity of content.CrawlabilityGoogle sends bots to your website to crawl and index your pages. The purpose of this is to identify and store keyword-related information that will help your page to show up when those keywords are searched for in Google.Google’s own Webmasters tool would give you a good idea. If you want to understand how to make your website crawler friendly and how to improve crawling and indexing in detail (and we suggest you should) check out this post.There are tools like Screaming Frog that provide condensed data after doing a site audit from an SEO perspective.
The basic site audit that you do yourself is akin to monitoring at home for breast cancer symptoms, it’s very basic.
But make sure you hire someone who doesn’t just talk through the hat but has past records to prove their expertise.

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