Assure process control for the business while allowing IT to change its focus from maintenance to driving innovation. Software AG's ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform is the starting point for organizations that want to design the Digital Enterprise. With better processes across business, IT and SAP systems, your Digital Enterprise can respond to changing business, customer and market requirements more efficiently.
Document and design your strategy, processes and architectures with ARIS Business Process Analysis (BPA). Flexible business processes and IT assure agile reactions to changing market conditions, business models and customer requirements. Reduce the time to design new processes and implement into IT systems, such as SAP, by re-using existing best-practice processes. Improve the performance of your processes by analyzing and simulating them to remove bottlenecks, identify and remove waste and duplication. Improve process and IT quality through better definition of processes, avoidance of system breaks and better process communication.
Software AG's webMethods Integration Platform is a proven, pre-integrated software suite featuring the market-leading Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that enables enterprises to rapidly integrate systems, services, devices, processes, business partners and data to provide new business value and improve business performance. Quickly connect all systems and applicationsa€”no matter where they area€”using the webMethods Integration Platform. Custom, packaged and mainframe applications and databases can all interoperate and exchange information easily using the webMethods Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Reduce time and cost to integrate new applications by eliminating complex point-to-point connections.

Maintain authoritative database in-memory that combines data from multiple sources while ensuring its accuracy. Provision back-end data and capabilities to power enterprise mobile apps in a secure and well-managed fashion. Wij, van De Berk hebben een andere manier van kijken naar werk, naar organisaties en naar elkaar. Dankzij ons hechte team, onze opdrachtgevers én onze medewerkers kunnen wij invulling geven aan dat wat werk voor ons betekent. Our solution for real-time promotions leverages insights from the customer data you already have and enhances it with data streaming in from all channelsa€”including the Web, mobile and social media.
Engage your customers at the right time and channel with tailored promotions based on behaviors and recurring use patterns.
Our process platforms include everything you needa€”technology, best practices and contenta€”to get started and quickly show results. Our solutions include an integration platform built on a powerful enterprise service bus that enables organizations to quickly connect virtually any system and application. Cookies, for example, allow us to fill out forms for you based on information you've provided before. The platform is ideal for analyzing and optimizing business processes for better productivity.
Leverage IT investments and adopt new technologies quickly and with less risk and redundancy. By monitoring the streams of traffic flowing through your network, you can seize the opportunities as they occur in real time.

Ita€™s all possible with the Real-Time Promotions for Telco solution on our Digital Business Platform. We offer enterprise architecture management solutions that help align the IT landscape with business needs. Achieve continuous process improvement by profiting from the wisdom-of-the crowd through collaboration and the governance of business processes. Capabilities are extensive in our platform, featuring a best-of-breed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Hoe we daadkracht, persoonlijke dienstverlening en passie samenvoegen tot een  unieke mix, die maakt dat werk voor ons een extra dimensie krijgt. Our in-memory computing solutions provide faster access to big data while our Business Process Management (BPM) and business process modeling solutions help create more efficient processes.
Along with application, B2B and cloud integration, the platform covers managed file transfer, master data management and a complete suite for mobile applications. Our master data management solutions ensure organizations can work with trusted shareable master data.
And our complex event processing enginea€”the worlda€™s fastesta€”provides streaming analytics for real-time big data and predictive analytics.

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