The next time you’re waiting to be seated at a table for dinner or waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store – just look around at how many people are using their smartphone’s. If a potential customer can’t easily find the information they are looking for from their mobile phone they will simply click back and go to your competitors website, and you just lost a customer.
Your mobile website will have the same look and feel as your website only optimized for mobile.
CALL Shoals Mobi at 256-648-4460 NOW for a free mock-up design of your mobile optimized site so you can see how it will look before you purchase. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Ever buy a product thinking you were getting a great deal only to see the exact same product at a different store for half the price? I know I have and it hurts, but this Weekly Fave could help stop the pain… On TheFind you can type in any product and it will show a simple comparison of all the websites selling that product with the different prices. Think of it as a Google for shopping: You search a product and TheFind shows you pictures of that product from all the different websites selling it. With 1 out 3 three mobile searches being for products or services, mobile websites have become the most vital tool in the new world of mobile marketing.

If someone lands on your website from a Google search on their phone it’s most likely they are looking for your products and services at that exact moment and want to either call and book something or purchase from you. They do not want to read all the content on your website the same as a regular computer search. So if you’re looking for clothing, electronics, instruments, food or really anything you can think of, TheFind can help you get it for the best price.
You then simply click on the product, get redirected to the website selling it, and can purchase it directly from them. Most mystifying, though, was the fact that both these websites said npower would give me the best deal; albeit with very different estimates of what it would cost. I printed off my last quarterly bills, which were based on meter readings I did myself, and copied the information into each website. Consumers can get this consumption information from their bills." I mentioned my gas meter was in imperial units and my electricity meter in metric, to which he suggested I convert the units myself, before I entered my consumption.
He said: "We take the accuracy of tariff data very seriously and we have rigorous checks in place to assure that correct information is always shown. If sites do not play by the rules, accreditation can be removed." Mrs Gallacher added that energy price comparison is a hugely complex area, further compounded by suppliers constantly bringing out new and more complex tariffs and discount promotions as they jockey for position.

We are all regulated by the CFCC accreditation, which means that all the comparison sites display all of the available tariffs to a consumer." So, how do these websites come up with the results? Once we know your consumption for gas and electricity, we then use this information to establish the best tariff for you and display these on our results pages.
He said: "We feel it's a much more accurate way of calculating annual consumption, as it takes into account the natural fluctuations you would expect over the year.
This in itself does not actually pose a problem to consumers, as it typically does not add costs to the consumer. But consumers may be directed towards the products of the companies with which the sites have commercial arrangements - rather than the product that is most suitable for them.
So, while it may appear that you have found the best deal, it may just be the best deal on a particular website. However, the spokesmen I talked to disagreed, and insisted that these websites are paid an introductory fee only.

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