First lets know what is Anime are Japanese animated productions usually featuring hand-drawn or computer animation. Today, most people on all parts of the world have become a huge fan of these Japanese animated series and films.
Anime Freak’s website might look a bit disorganized and unpolished but behold for its anime power because latest episodes as well as exclusive contents can be seen here. Anime Ultimate is probably one of the most popular anime video sites ever visited by fanatics. Crunchyroll is a leading global destination and platform for Japanese anime and Asian content.
On the anime series page, it shows the information regarding synopsis, genres, and option to switch between seasons if the anime has multiple seasons. There is a green button available alongside every anime, and you just have to hit that button in order to download that particular anime.
Anime Show is the website which has 4 options: Full Anime List, Genres, Top Anime, and Random Anime.
Do remember that if you are using any ad blocker, then none of the anime series episodes will play for more than a few seconds.
As far as watching anime online is concerned, this website has a great deal of stuff stored in it for anime lovers.
AnimeElite is a free premium WordPress theme with options page and supports the post thumbnails.
AnimeOnline is a free premium WordPress theme with options page and supports the post thumbnails. AnimeLight is a free premium WordPress theme with options page and supports the post thumbnails. Anime Venue is a free premium WordPress theme with options page and supports the post thumbnails.
Animes is a free premium WordPress theme with options page and supports the post thumbnails. AnimeWorld is a free premium WordPress theme with options page and supports the post thumbnails. Animepress is a free wordpress theme built based on the Anime niche.Theme is suitable for all sort of anime blogs. The word is the abbreviated pronunciation of "animation" in Japanese, where this term references all animation. Searching your favorite series is simple you can use the search button or view contents from the archives. It doesn’t only offer complete anime series from original versions to dubbed ones but informative contents, polls, forums and events. Moreover, it is a dedicated website for all anime lovers featuring tons of contents from Manga series to anime movies.

All of these websites include anime of different genre and some of them also include anime series popular around the world. On the homepage, you will also see a category Ongoing Anime which includes a list of anime including their name and the episode number. You can also choose to share the series with others via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit. It has a really good collection of anime series and each of the series is labeled as completed, updated, or hot. It provides you with a lot of categorization for searching the anime series you like or you might like. This is essentially a free video sharing website that lets you watch anime videos uploaded by others. In the videos tab of the website, on the home page, you will find the option to watch anime online.
As the name itself suggests, you will find both cartoons and anime on this website for free; there are different tabs for both of them.
While the free version lets you watch most of the anime on the website for free, the premium version lets you watch latest anime within an hour of them being aired in Japan. The theme packs different features like, featured post slider, post thumbnails, adsense, banner ads etc. In other languages, the term is defined as animation from Japan or as a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. Even i'm also a big Anime Fan so am going to show you guys and gals the sites i use to watch anime online. Their embedded video players let you watch anime episodes with captions and titles on  them.
Creating a free account is advised for those who want to participate in Anime Ultima’s community talk. If you are unaware of the term anime, then Anime refers to Japanese animation which is aimed to entertain both adults and children. The website lets you search for the anime on the basis of genre and the listing which is alphabetical in order. For all the listed anime series; the website shows thumbnail image, episode number, and name of the series. For the selected anime series; it shows the languages in which it is available, description, synopsis, cast, staff, abstract, and genre. The website is not only limited to anime videos, but also contains videos related to other fields. The interface of the website is quite colorful and suits the taste of children, which I believe form the chunk of viewers.

Other than a huge gallery of anime, like most other websites, there are tabs like Manga, News, and Forums. Theme has features like featured post section, post thumbnails, banner ads, adsense, twitter widgets etc.
Arguably, the stylization approach to the meaning may open up the possibility of anime produced in countries other than Japan.
Crunchyroll has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo, and is a member of the Association of Japanese Animations (AJA). These animated movies, television shows are all in Japanese and have managed to gather worldwide attention. You can then choose to play the complete series as a playlist or simply view individual episodes. For the selected series or episode; it shows title, description, status, rating, and genres.
Since, this is a free video sharing platform, you can also share videos by uploading them on the website. On the home page itself, you will find a list of most recently released anime that you can go through. In case you do not wish to watch anime videos, the Manga tab contains anime in written format; you can select anime books and read them online.
Since anime are Japanese, hence all these websites include anime either subbed or dubbed in English. It makes it easy for you to know which anime series is complete and which one is incomplete. The Raw label signifies that a particular anime series is in its RAW format with no dubbing or subtitles.
You can then start watching the ones you like and also share, comment, and embed them for free.
There are also other filters like dubbed, subbed, cartoons, and last 50 that you can apply.
The news tab contains latest news regarding the anime world, and the forums tab let you interact with other users of the website. There are various groups talking about different anime shows and you can join anyone of them.

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