Simply Measured is by far the most detailed and analytical, but it does your stats over the last two months and there is no filter.
Union Metrics provides you with some really good analytics… and they do it really fast. We hope you find this blog post helpful going forward when looking for free Instagram analytics! Thanks so much for including the Union Metrics free Instagram account checkup in this writeup— we appreciate it! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Since Instagram doesn’t have its own native analytics function, we have to turn to third party sources.

For years, we’ve been using Iconosquare to run our reports and tell us how our posts are doing. It takes about 10 minutes to generate your report, which is broken down into charts, a scorecard and an appendix of your posts during the two month span. Unfortunately, Iconosquare recently switched from being a free platform to a paid platform.
The analytics for all-time are great, showing you your most liked and most commented media ever, as well as your trends and best times to post to get engagement with your fans. The charts give you analytics on your engagement, top posts, optimal time to post, keywords that have the most engagement, and the top locations from where you’ve posted.
Union Metrics tells you the best time to post (based on when you get the most engagement from followers), who your top fans are (based on number of times they have liked your posts), what hashtag you use that gives you the most clicks and engagement, and what your most and least engaging posts were (based on total likes and comments).

Squarelovin also breaks down your posts individually by how often you post, when, what filters you use, etc. Union Metrics gives you a great overview of what works best for you to get engagement, but doesn’t dive real deep into it.
The appendix gives you a list of all your posts in the two month span and lists them in order of total engagement.
You have to log in for the first time and it won’t be until the second month that you get your month over month statistics.

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