Before we check our heads and make sure we’re not actually going crazy, we thought we’d get this out there as a way of giving something back! So this September we’re giving away 5 Free Mobile websites to local businesses to celebrate out Mobile services launch! There will be more mobile internet users than desktop internet users before 2014 (see graph below)! Don’t risk a potential customer having a bad experience when they go to your website on their smartphone. See how groups all across the United States are using mobile website builder software to make it easy for their target audience to interact with them. Learn for Free – Our Mobile Marketing USA Video Training will Teach YouHow to Build a Mobile Website and All about Mobile Marketing – - for Absolutely FREE!
With more people than ever in the United States using their smart phones to surf the web, now more than ever your business needs a mobile marketing strategy!
Today, most businesses don’t have a mobile website even though this is the way most people will find your business – we’ll show you how to find a free mobile website builder, how to build a mobile website, top secrets for building a mobile website and which mobile marketing software review you can trust!
CNN estimates that in the United States 50% of people surf the web on their phones – do you have a mobile marketing strategy to meet these needs?
Our free video can show you how to get started right away on mobile marketing and to build mobile websites.
In the past two years, mobile web searching has increased over 400% in the USA and mobile marketing is the best way to tap into this growing market and build mobile website is the best way to get started.
For a limited time, we are offering for FREE – our video training course on mobile marketing. Are You Ready to Try Our FREE Video Training Course on Mobile Marketing — USA Business Owners Only Can Learn for FREE! We’ll show you how to pick mobile marketing software – which mobile website builder software to use – the best mobile website builder – where to find mobile marketing software FREE – what mobile marketing software downloads you can trust – which mobile marketing software review is reliable and… how to get a free mobile website builder! Get started today with out free video training course for United States business owners – learn to build a mobile website – learn to use mobile website builder software – all for FREE with our mobile marketing training – sign up now to get started! Mobile Marketing Software and Website Building Training is now available for FREE for a limited time only! Enter your industry, name and email information for instant access to training on mobile marketing website building software and MORE! You may be hearing a lot of hype surrounding the current way mobiles are being used, and you’re probably wondering what effects this will have on you, if any at all.
Currently though, the ‘mobile era’ is still new, and while mobile web usage is predicted to outnumber desktop usage by 2015, a lot of businesses have not yet adapted to these changes. By creating a mobile website for your business now, you’ll be putting yourself directly above any competition that fails to provide mobile catered content, and you’ll be in a position to stop yourself from falling behind any other businesses that have already adapted to mobile technology.
You may already have a nice desktop website, but if this doesn’t feel suitable for a mobile device, and it most likely doesn’t, then building a compatible mobile website for smartphones and tablets will be needed. A mobile web page will ensure quick loading times, no malfunctioning on desktop optimized code such as JavaScript, no issues with scrolling, and quick access to available content and contact info. The sooner you get a mobile website up and running, the better- a lot of businesses are catching up with the times and you’ll want to provide content your competition doesn’t have before they get it themselves.

When it comes to mobile websites or any websites for that matter, you pretty much have two choices. About Mobile on Mainstreet Inc:  We are a full service mobile marketing company that focuses on local businesses.
Whether visitors are accessing your site from a PC, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone they should find the experience hassle free.
Mobile web development requires coding for a multiple devices, all with their own unique capabilities and limitations. If you haven’t brought your website design into the mobile world you are missing out on a major client base.
With 5 years of combined experience in mobile design applications it should come as no surprise that we create hassle free user-friendly website applications for your mobile device that are fast, easy to use and informative. In designing websites and apps specifically for users of hand-held devices we work with both business owners and potential users to create an app that is user-friendly and does what it was designed to do. Because of the limited amount of space on a mobile device, the number and size of buttons and icons is limited. When we design for mobile devices we take the more important features and build these into the core application experience. In well-designed websites and apps for mobile devices the user experience must the same on all platforms. One of the most important steps in designing a mobile website or apps is testing the design. Testing the finished product not once but several times with different users and different mobile devices is one of the ways our design team modifies and ensures design flaws are corrected.
Creating a mobile app requires planning, knowledge of mobile device design constrictions, planning, problem solving and working with businesses and users to ensure the app does what it is intended to do rapidly, smoothly and in a user-friendly manner. Mobile Roadie recently announced a major upgrade of their mobile app creation service that includes the addition of an iPad app platform and a free self-service mobile website platform. Mobile Roadie 4.0 introduces a reorganization of their previous offerings, the introduction of iPad and mobile web options and a number of new features. Mobile Roadie has also reorganized their native Mobile App offerings to include both iPhone and Android in the basic package with additional features at $99 a month each.
In addition, they've redesigned their CMS and added a variety of features that you can check out at Mobile Roadie.
Green Corp is a best looking modern responsive single page website build using Bootstrap HTML5 & CSS3.
This entry was posted in Bootstrap Templates, Bootstrap Websites, Corporate Business, Free HTML5 Templates, Mobile Websites, One Page Websites, Personal Portfolio, Uncategorized and tagged Business Template, Corporate Porfolio, free, Personal Website, Responsive Website, Single page website. Webthemez is initiated to offer the best free & premium responsive website templates with modern design built with latest technologies like Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. And with over 10 billion mobile devices out there, chances are good that your customers are visiting your website on their smartphones. State of the art training on mobile apps, text message marketing and mobile websites is YOURS!!! Our free training course will show you how mobile marketing software can help with your mobile marketing strategy, where you can get mobile marketing software free and where to find high quality mobile marketing software downloads to help you build a mobile website.

The truth is, the hype is there for a reason, and as tablet and smartphone usage slowly overtakes standard desktop or laptop usage, a lot is being changed to better adapt to this new state of connectedness, and this also includes general business practices. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t though- almost three quarters* of mobile web users will prefer a mobile friendly web-page over one more suited for the desktop, and seeing as mobile web usage is so high, this isn’t something that should be ignored by a business that makes use of their online profile.
By integrating a mobile version into your website, you’re giving yourself and your customers a much easier to use web page that leaves the customer with a pleasant experience they are going to remember. If you don’t have this at a customer’s hands the moment he or she opens up your web page, they are likely to go elsewhere. Having a mobile website will ensure you stay at the top of the mobile tidal wave, and not at the bottom when it comes crashing down.
You can usually get some sort of template to use, and basically you just plug in text and images you want to include and then pay for hosting.
Those types of companies usually only provide u with the ability to build a quick mobile websites. Your interface should be easy to navigate and quick to understand without compromising the quality of the design. Using progressive enhancement our team of mobile website design specialists create functional experiences for everyone, while simultaneously optimizing for the best devices. They want smooth load experiences, fast and animated transitions, and application-centric error messages. We test the design process and the resulting app collecting feedback and modify the design as required. The functionality of the app is laid out, problems resolved, design aspects planned, future components and plug-ins considered. Space between buttons is also considered and field tested to ensure the layout is practical.
It’s a perfect template for corporate, business, web agencies, digital studios, product showcase and personal portfolio.
You need to build mobile website and we can show you the best mobile website builder to use and how to be your own mobile website builder! Businesses, seeing the value of this new medium are taking for advantage of it, offering products, games, apps and more.
Or to break it down more simply, there are currently more mobile devices on the planet being used then toothbrushes!
We can teach you how to build a mobile website – tell you the benefits to your business of building a mobile website – where to find free or cheap mobile marketing software downloads – and when to trust a mobile marketing software review! The old rules of Web site design and implementation for PCs need a lot of adaptation to create a slick mobile Web app experience.
If you answered no to any of these and are a business owner in the United States, our free video training course is what you need!

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