To date two streaming websites have been shut down by court order in the US, with more litigation expected to be filed.
In other words, advertising an intention to offer a stream of the fight was enough for a US court to have the two sites in question shut down. The documents also accuse the defendants of promoting the illegal streams of the fight with advertising on the sites. Upon reading an article reporting these developments, my thoughts turned to the streambox MLM opportunities we’ve seen emerge these last few months.
Many more examples are available via a combination of relevant keyword searches through Google.
With both sites sued consequently shut down, this is not up for debate – at least not within a legal context (what anyone thinks of current copyright law in the US is another discussion entirely). So my question then is, how is uBox and vStream TV marketing any different to that of the streaming sites? The sites in question didn’t stream the fight themselves, and were nailed solely on their marketing efforts. Again, look at the advertising examples I’ve provided above (and by all means go and find your own if you want), but tell meA how is it any different?
Although we typically see it in relation to claims made in the health and wellness niche, surely the same applies to claims made by streambox MLM opportunities – specifically the legality of marketing MLM income opportunities via illegal access to licensed content? Furthermore how on Earth are either vStream TV or uBox going to even address this sort of marketing, seeing as they themselves claim that access unlicensed content is 100% legal in the US? As I understand it the court made their ruling, which was then used to shut the sites down (at a hosting level).
The companies are not advertising free ppv, and in fact, I have seen an email that said anyone that was promoting the fact you can get free ppv will be terminated. The owner of Jetstream box advertises right on his FB page about getting the fight for free.
What if someone sent out to all their FB friends a link to the fight to watch on their computer.
You can find a lot of illegal **** online, including child porn, buy illegal narcotics (i.e.

So your logic on anyone streaming the fight for free would mean anyone with a computer would already have an illegal device.
Am I banging my head against a brickwall trying to explain the significance of the decision here? If you wish to continue to ignore the merits of the recent court decision and instead harp on with irrelevant derail attempts, do it elsewhere.
At least two streaming websites were shut down in the US following the advertisement of streams containing copyrighted content. The legality of streaming as a technology, nor the hardware used to do it was not called into question, nor is it being refuted. MLM Streambox companies and their affiliates are currently engaged in the same practice of advertising unlicensed content streams, with evidence widespread across the internet.
The flaw with that argument is guns makes killing people VERY VERY easy and doesn’t even need to get close.
The way Streaming boxes makes grabbing illegal streams pushing a few buttons on a TV remote rather than understanding network, internet, browser, and blah blah blah.
Don’t you know you can do the same things on your computer and then plug your computer into your TV and use a wireless remote. Advertising streams of unlicensed content was enough to get two websites shutdown by a US court. You have MLM streambox opportunity affiliates engaging in the same behaviour, as well as the company’s themselves (none of the accessible content advertised on either uBox or vStream TV is appropriately licensed).
So if the box companies just sold the boxes and never advertised the content it would be ok? Everyone who is anyone in boxing will be ringside at the MGM Grand on Saturday night to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. I think there’s a distinction to be made between public broadcast and internet streams. Then they’d have a hard time justifying their higher price against Roku (which is absolutely legal) or the no-name TV boxes from China which costs even less. Advertising that people can watch specific copyrighted material for free if they buy a box will also be illegal (if you don’t have a license to distribute that specific material).
Selling the box for the specific purpose of giving people illegal access to copyrighted material will most likely be illegal.

That supreme court decision (Ozedit: is not the recent lawsuit in the US that shut down two streaming sites for advertising. Distributors of companies that market these products should be dealt with swiftly and harshly by the companies they are promoting.
Interestingly, the ads you are posting in your article do not even go to VStream distributors, they are other companies completely.
Two have the phone numbers of vStream TV affiliates (looking to offload the excess inventory they bought when they signed up), one redirects to another website. There are plenty more examples of this sort of advertising from vStream affiliates out there. Well, any distributor caught advertising VStream in that way will be terminated immediately.
Also, from what I hear, VStream Media Centers are not going to come loaded with Kodi or any addons.
Anyone purchasing a unit is going to have to install it themselves and agree to a lot of legal jargon before they do install it.
There is a lot more to them too, you can access Google Play Store for thousands of apps, access your email, Facebook, your Netflix or Amazon Prime account and so much more. Eastern Time on May 2, 2015, all service providers whose services will enable or facilitate Defendantsa€™ anticipated infringement are ordered to suspend all services with respect to Defendantsa€™ Infringing Websites. Remember MPAA and SPAA were suing little grandmas and whoever for 250000 per violation just for a couple songs? I bet there will be thousands more people streaming the ppv with Dell computers than all the tv boxes combined. He will be camped out in his in Campbell, Calif., office just outside San Jose waiting for the phone to ring and expecting bad news.
Gagliardi is the founder of J&J Sports Productions, a firm that secures the closed-circuit television rights to big sporting events and distributes them to bars and restaurants around the country, some of whom have paid as much as $4,000 to show the Mayweathera€“Pacquiao fight.

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