Remind101 is a completely free texting website for teachers that allows them to get in touch with their students through messages. This free texting website is a very helpful platform that allows you to stay connected even out of the school premises.
The above screenshot shows the interface of your account and how you can send a message from your account.
Along with the above mentioned function, you can also use another interesting feature available in your account.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! HeyWire provide facility of free texting to any phone, The person with whom you are texting does not need to have HeyWire, you can send directly to their phone ! It is free texting and calling app, However you need to pay a small amount for calling but it is less than expensive monthly mobile phone plans. Text me can send a Real sms to any phone it is providing this free service in US, Canada and other 40 countries.
So, these are the Free texting apps for free texting to US and Canada at absolutely free of cost !
Take a second to spread it with the world by sharing with your friends… write your feedback in comment box. SMS messages have become a key utility in today’s world, with billions of people sending them each day.In fact, 74% of all mobile phone users send and receive text messages every day.
However, the telecommunication industry is charging exorbitant fees for just 160 characters. Yakedi is only available to you if you live in Australia since it can only be used to send free text messages to New Zealand and Australian numbers. Yakedi offers full 160 characters for you to send in a message and the message is sent from your number instead of someone else’s, unlike most online texting websites. With SMSFun, you can not only send a free text message online, but also be a part of a community.

These were the list of 6 free online text message sender that we know and reviewed ourselves before posting. You can send messages to your students or their parents and inform them about an assignment, quiz or anything. Parents can also keep an eye on their kids by directly getting in touch with their teachers.
You can start using this website by creating a free account wherein they can add their details. Parents can also stay updated about the events taking place in the class and directly get in touch with teachers. Nowadays texting apps are very popular to stay in touch with the friends and family because Free texting apps are almost cost FREE all you need to pay is only to your internet provider.
Also you can make a free call using this apps by paying a little amount and you can save tons of money.
Furthermore, it doesn’t send advertisements along with your message, though you do have the option of including them in your texts. It also allows you to schedule your messages and offers various ways of sending a free text message to a phone such as through an email or the web. That means you can create your own profile, and have access to forums and many other useful tool like number lookups.If you want to send more text messages, you can even sign up for a Gold Subscription for $2 a week.
The only drawback here is that you will have to know your recipient’s service provide or else the recipient may be charged.
It has a 2-way texting feature, which means that you will be able to both send and receive messages, though you can only receive the message on your email address. On a lighter note, students might as well curse this website for taking away their freedom as teachers can also complaint to parents about their misbehavior. You can use this app without any problem on your android tablet or smartphone using wifi network or mobile date.
Some cell phones have full keyboards to facilitate texting, while others has a numeric keypad that has to be tapped repeatedly to get to certain alphabets.

Well, we can send text messages for free or a cheap price by using the magic of the internet. When I first joined, it used to offer unlimited free text messages, but it has been reduced to 3 per day now.
You can even earn more free texts through various email promotions and competitions.Avoid the embarrassing grammar mistakes.
However, you only get 136 characters to use since the rest is utilized for its advertisement. However, this service sends a lot of ads, so you may want to keep that in mind before joining. You have to create an account to which your students can subscribe and receive alerts from you.
After you have typed the message and selected the group, just click the schedule for later button and select the timing. The only downside here is that you will have to use a computer unless you have a smartphone with internet enabled. Just follow the link given at the end of the article and stay connected to your students all the time. Sending text messages online also solves the problem of poor cell reception or when you just want a full keyboard to type your message.
Afterwards, you can simply send them a text through your account and they will receive that message on their phone.

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