After creating a free account, you will get a free domain name (or you can use your own domain name) and 2 GB of storage for your video files and other type of content. From the administration panel you can manage users, files, blogs and all website appearance settings, as well as ads configuration (the revenue sharing program will bring every website owner advertising revenues). Given the importance of video sharing and blogging websites from the revenue generation and user experience point of view, this free web service opens new development directions for the social networking world. Download, Manage, Convert, Burn, Repair, Search, play Youtube videos, Capture RTM P Video Streams. Now, Perfect Video download Tool for Mac called Total Video Downloader for Mac has released. You can also download, convert, search, burn, repair and play any video during the 15 days'trial. Well in today’s video I have a guide to the exact dimensions you need to create your perfect YouTube banner image and also have it fitting all other devices. Inside the guide I also point out the safe area where all content within this area will be displayed on all devices. As you can see we have specific dimensions that we need to stick to for our YouTube banner images. I hope you have found todays tip helpful, as always I would love to hear your feedback and any questions you have, if you do please drop your comments below. CBS Interactive does not encourage or condone the illegal duplication or distribution of copyrighted content. Sothink Web Video Downloader is a versatile and customizable program that gives you the ability to download your favorite videos with ease.
Highly customizable: This app provides multiple options for choosing which browsers you want it to monitor and which types of files you'd like to download. Failure to capture: During testing, the program failed to capture videos in both Chrome and Internet Explorer even though both were selected in the Menu. No manual option: There is no option in this program to manually enter the URLs you want to download videos from. Sothink Web Video Downloader is your must-have YouTube downloader that can download videos in different formats and save them to desktop and portables.
ProsSothink media seems to be on the high road when it comes to video downloads and video conversions. ConsAs stated by other users, a site with a lot of flash video will definitely drive you crazy. SummaryAll in all, this is a worthy program especially when used in conjunction with their other programs. SummaryI concur with what Jan7heaven posted earlier.In addition, although the company nags you to upgrade, you cannot.

ProsTried 3 videocapture programmes before this one, 2 failed and only RealPlayer managed a slightly better than 50% success rate! ConsSoftware offering on website is very confusing, having to decide between regular downloader or Firefox add-on downloader!
The domain and website content can be sold without the need of any permission from the company that owns StartYourTube.
Also, the website can be personalized with your own logo or image and colors from certain color schemes. The free video sharing script with the use of Sothink server-side FLV encoder tool, you can easily create video website, fast and effectively complete video upload, video encoding, video sharing, video and user management work on server side.
You can use it to send mails to future and be reminded about some event or some plans you have. This Video Downloader for Mac supports to download virtually any video format from almost all video hosting sites.
If you download my banner image dimension guide and PSD file that already has  the guidelines inserted, then you can begin creating your YouTube banner images and work to the perfect sizes for all devices.
Through browser integration, this program provides a quick-download option that makes downloading videos as convenient as possible. That means that you don't have to deal with the download buttons when you don't want to, and you can adjust these settings at any time.
So if the automatic download feature isn't working for some reason, the program is essentially useless. You can try it out for free for 30 days to see if it's the right program for you, and it's $19.99 if you do decide to buy it. Add a plug-in to Chrome, capture video from Chrome browser automatically when its Chrome plug-in is turned on.
Support dragging and dropping videos from downloaded folder to the folders of other classifications. Add sub-folder to the folder "Completed", enable users to add, delete, rename, modify the configuration of websites. What once used to be the playing field for RealPlayer alone, now has Sothink media to contend with. Video capture boxes just keep on stacking up while you're clicking on them to get rid of them. Once I figure out how to deal with this problem with the FLV files, there will be very little that I can find fault with. This programme captured literally 10's of youtube & other videos in first days of use with no problems or failures.
The content can be promoted by using various methods, like viral sharing, direct linking, messaging and so on.

This solution not only effectively improves server-side video encoding work, but also utilize your server resource sufficiently.
It will be a powerful tool that can Download, Manage, Convert, Burn, Search, Repair and Play any video files. Just browsing a web page, the video downloader will automatically capture online videos and prompt you to download videos in any format on demand. If you're using any of the free Sothink programs, which are quite good by themselves, it may behoove you to upgrade.
The program allows you to download videos from Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Google, MSN and many other web sites.
In conjunction with their video converter and their DVD maker, Sothink is a winning package. If something goes wrong with the download however, you can always find the correct URL by searching through your history folder. With all three of their programs; the video downloader, the standalone converter (which can convert files into excellent HD quality) and their DVD maker, this is the best, and only, way to go. Cooliris for Google ChromeTransform your browser into a 3D experience for viewing photos and videos. It provides a complete and creative video sharing solution to build YouTube-like video sharing sites, attracts many users and brings high traffic to fulfill personal or business video hosting demands. Then easily transfer videos into your PC, iPod, iPhone, PSP, MP4 players, Smartphone, other portables and mobiles.
Sometimes, the files will be converted to FLV files which cannot be converted to any other file and cannot be used on their DVD maker.
Sothink Web Video Downloader provides you with the highest cost-effective and fastest download speed.
Even with their new standalone converter, it cannot undo its own conversion so you end up with a file that can't be burned to DVD. Let you get videos from the Web the most efficiently and enjoy videos offline anytime anywhere. The Video Sharing Script can be applied to Web servers, blogs, forums and other interactive areas.
You can do advanced video editing, batch conversion, quality control and other tasks with CGI or any other server-side scripting language.
JFileRecovery deluxeA file copying tool that can recover files from damaged media such as CDs, DVDs, Hard disks and flash memory.

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