For a website to be useful,  your website needs to provide something–a service, a product, a story. If you aren’t using your own images, make sure you have the rights to use ceraint photos on your website and provide credit and attribution when needed.
Your home page acts as a first point of contact for so many of your customers, it’s important to get it right. If your logo is the face of your customer service person waiting on your front desk, then the tag line is the first thing they will say. It’s really important to have descriptive tag line next to the site logo or ID, to link the two together.
Your home page is the only point at which you can introduce your customers to your site, so take the opportunity to do so. Without clear, well-labelled navigation that covers your entire site, your site’s users will get lost. Lots of sites use persistent navigation naturally, and you may already have the markers you need. Setting out these elements in a universal structure gives visitors to your site a sense of comfort, and it must start on your home page.
Internet users are on your home page because they want information and they are looking for links to that information. What we need to make sure is that our event website works on all devices, it is fully functional, works on most modern browsers, and is accessible to users with special needs. Test your website on as many devices as you can, with as many different browsers as possible. Ask yourself all the questions that any participant is likely to ask and make sure that your website answers all those questions. According to recent research an average web user decides with in couple of seconds whether they want to continue browsing a website or not.
We understand that things can be a little bit frustrating in the beginning, you may feel that no one is noticing you. YouTube is world’s second most popular search engine, a very popular social network, a highly interactive online community. Make sure contact forms on your website are working and each query gets answered as quickly as possible. Ask your sponsors to contribute content to your website this could be guest posts, photos, presentations, anything you feel fits into your event’s scope.
We are sure there are many other elements, perhaps more important than those we mentioned above. CLEARLY COMMUNICATE WHAT YOU DO AND MAKE IT EASY TO BEGIN A RELATIONSHIP: State or, better yet, visualize the benefit and take immediate advantage of potential interest. ESTABLISH TASKS: The best way to establish if people who visit your site are doing what you want is to identify task.

OPTIMIZE FOR SEARCH: 80% of visitors find a web site by typing their unmet need in the query box of a search engine. BE SOCIAL AND ENGAGE: Your audience and the search engine send more traffic your way if they know content on the site is always being refreshed.
Everyone who has a website wants to be loved and giving visitors a great experience is the way to get there.
Your website builds your reputation online and defines your online identity, so you want it to represent you well.
A good home page can make the difference between a new customer or a false lead – and a bad home page can do exactly the same thing. Although home pages come in all sorts of colours and flavours, there are at least five features that all great home pages have.
This is another standard practice that businesses have used for a long time in the real world, and it translates really well onto the net. It’s important to include a link clearly directed back to the home page on every other page. The home page is the only place you can plant a number of clear pathways and teasers to deep content. In this post, we will discuss some of the must have elements for building a great event website. Sliders are awesome, but honestly speaking people don’t visit your website to look at sliders. This is why you need to make sure that all the important information appears on the front page of your website and is visible to users as soon as they land. If you can’t think of how to produce video content for your site, then we would recommend you to reach out and hire someone. Lots of users can reach out to you on social media channels make sure you are available to answer questions on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Feel free to tell us about what you think makes an event website a success by leaving a comment below. If you went to this page looking for a certain kind of shirt, would this page help or confuse you?
So think about the addition of trust and credibility features like reviews, client testimonials, client lists and case studies on your website.
If you’re selling a product, be sure to inform your website visitors about its benefit, price, and how they can get it. Try Creative Commons—just be sure to check the rules and rights of the image before you use it on your website. Information provides the basics of what your website visitors need to know, but content builds the story. You’re probably aware of the importance of professional logo design for general marketing.

Persistent navigation (sometimes known as global navigation) provides site users with the same markers throughout the site, to help them keep their bearings. This is a kind of fail-safe measure, allowing the site user to escape back to the main page, no matter where they are.
Make sure that all important information such as event venue, date, and key speakers is visible on the front page with as little scrolling as possible. Reach out to your audiences on social media, search for relevant hashtags and engage with actual people. We are not just talking about the introductory videos, we are talking about maintaining a regularly updated YouTube channel with the latest updates. Amazon always shows a clear call-to-action next to a motivating offers with their landing pages.
Sermo is a physician’s network that recognizes through roles the different types of doctors who visit Sermo for a variety of reasons.
The subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fundamental to creating a great website. Make sure when you set up your blog the URL tracks back to your website like it shown below. It needs to be an effective source of information and communication between event organizers and participants.
Each user contributing any content to your website will help you reach out many potential new participants. Many sources say it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep a current customer. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula. This should be stories that support your business, share your success, and display your unique knowledge. That’s a lot to put at risk when you think about the inconvenience you may be costing your best customers who have to skip pop-ups to get where they want to go. A poor quality image will make you look unprofessional and will cause people to leave your website. Visit some of your favorite websites and see how the navigation works, then apply this to your site.

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