Please get in touch with Julia Hastings Taylor if you have any questions on the updated Research Ethics website or if you’d like to see any additional information. Thiis piiece of writing will assist the internet viewers for setting up new webpage or even a weblog from start to end.
As promised, we have published two supporting documents to the new research website admin area.
The first document is a technical guide, written by Matt Northam, which takes you through the process of uploading content to the main sections of the website and research centre pages.
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You can access this by logging into the site here with your usual BU username and password. It provides a step by step explanation of what to do, as well as screen shots to give a visual aid. We will set up an Eventbrite page for you to book and will post the link on the blog later this week. Effective, successful websites are always a result of profound research and diligent, dedicated work.Although optimizing a web page may seem like a daunting task and real ordeal for many website owners, with numerous manuals and practical advice available for absolutely free on the Internet, optimizing your website is just a piece of cake. It provides stylistic suggestions, such as whether to write in the first person or third person. This is where search engine optimization, content writing and target audience concepts come into play.
This document also provides information about how you can obtain images to accompany your content.
In fact, an average customer should be in a focus for any website, since it is the audience that you are going to interact with or sell goods to. It is impossible to please all Internet frequenters, yet it is possible to find the ones which are in search of information or services provided on your website.
Below in this article we are going to dwell upon the importance of understanding your website audience, writing and optimizing your resource to meet your users’ wishes.In order to illustrate the theory with some practice, let’s imagine that you, being a proficient designer, have decided to move your business online. So, once you have a functioning website and a certain clientele, you may start your research.1.
Use QuestionnairesGathering demographic data about your website users is probably the easiest and the most surefire method to see what people visit your pages. Process the QuestionnairesNow when you have the information, you are ready to think up a successful marketing campaign according to your clients’ preferences, as well as to make slight adjustments in the current company’s policy and goals. For instance, if most of your clients prefer vegetarian pastry or are going nuts for your apple and cinnamon strudels, you may focus on these recipes and hold over the unpopular ones.
To surprise your frequenters you may add some new variations of the already existing recipes (the ones which are in demand, of course).3.
Maintain Your ‘Contact Us’ PageAll successful sites, large or small, should have a Contact Us page.
At first glance, this page may seem insignificant, but it is the main gateway for your clients to contact you, especially if you don’t have a forum or run a blog. List all possible ways to contact you: e-mail, Skype, phone number and a physical address, if applicable.
Keep in Touch with Your Technical SupportIn case you have a tech support which is run by another person or company, try to monitor its work.

You can definitely learn a lot about your clientele from the most frequent questions they ask and problems they face when on your website.5. Create a ForumForums are great tools allowing website owners study their customers’ habits and preferences well.
It is essential to let your customers write and express their thoughts regarding your service, website and related topics.
When creating topics, select several categories and watch which ones are the most popular and which stay untouched. It won’t take much time and effort, yet creating a Forum page can be a recipe for your business success.6. Encourage Your Visitors to Join the Forum PageInsert links into your website posts leading to corresponding topics on Forum. Spark up DiscussionsIn order to attract attention of your website and Forum customers, you can employ some tricks. Don’t hesitate to spark up discussions: controlled debate is a very good tool for your target audience research. Create a ContestLaunching an interesting contest not only allows your customers express themselves and receive gifts, but also gives a lot of information about your target audience. The contest requirements should not be very strict, so that an average user could join the competition: a photo contest, a recipe contest and so on. Encourage PostsAllow your customers contribute to your website or blog by uploading pictures and writing articles.
Your customers’ pictures and especially articles will help you to get to know more about them than any questionnaire or forum. It is a really great pleasure for a person to see his or her creation on the web, especially if he or she does not run any web page. Other than that, with ‘third party’ posts your audience can increase rapidly, since contributors will want to share their works with their family members, close friends, colleagues and so on. Make Sure Your Customers Can Leave CommentsIn order to study your target audience well, you need to know your customers’ likes and dislikes.
Writing a Review PageIn order to get the most sincere testimonials, you can create a Review page where everyone would be able to write an anonymous testimonial. Create a Profile DatabaseAlthough it can be very burdensome and take some time and effort, it is advisable to build a profile database for your customers.
Many will make use of this advantage, because people enjoy seeing their personalized accounts with pictures next to their comments or articles on the web. Create a Group on FacebookToday you can hardly ever find an Internet user who has no account on Facebook.
It is essential that your website includes different social media networks’ icons enabling visitors to share the information they like. You can create your website’s appearance on Facebook, for instance, and post your news there. You can also create events, such as an Open Air Strudel Party, for instance, and use other great functions to remind your subscribers of your existence.14. Employ TwitterTwitter does not offer as wide functionality for business purposes, as Facebook, yet it is still a great tool in understanding your target audience. Monitor Your AdsIn case you display your own or third parties’ ads on your website, you can track which ones are the most popular with your target audience.

Commercials are a good indicator of a person’s concerns and interests.In addition to aforementioned manual methods to investigate your target audience, there exist special online tools, both paid and free, allowing you studying your clientele in figures.
The data obtained from tools described above are called qualitative, while information obtained with the help of analytics is referred to as quantitative. So, let’s move on to analytics tools you may use to understand your target audience better.17.
Hire a TeamOf course, if you are running a large website or a series of satellite pages with numerous visitors every day, and you take your target audience research very seriously, you may want to hire a professional team specializing in this domain.However, in case of a small website you can gather some quantitative data yourself.
Below we will dwell upon the most useful features of analytic tools, allowing you to see how visitors are arriving at your page, what they are doing once they are on your site, where they are from and much more.18.
Set up GoalsAnalytics sites, such as Google Analytics, for instance, offer you an option of settings Goals for your enterprise.
Let’s say, you want your visitors to go to the Pastry Catalogue once they are on your website and then go to the Discounts and Special Offers page. Measure TrafficMeasuring traffic allows you to see how many visitors come to your site per day.
By doing so, you will get information on how your website is performing on the web, such as which days of the week customers are most likely to visit your website. For example, you can notice that on weekdays, when people have no time to cook, they tend to order pastries via your website, while on weekends the clients flow is decreasing.20. Know Your Bounce RateMeasuring your website’s ‘bounce rate’ is very important, since it can make you think about adjusting your marketing tactics.
Know How Your Customers Find YouIt is essential to monitor how customers arrive at your website: whether they found your page through paid advertising, search engine inquiry or through another source. Besides analytics, you may use manual methods to get this info: ask your customers how they found you when registering their accounts, for instance. Join Discussion Groups of Other WebsitesBrowse around for customer discussion groups and forums related to your business. This is a good idea for those who still have no forums but would like to see what people are talking about.
Look for groups which are as similar to your site’s main concept as possible, prefer groups with a lot of members.23.
Make ContactIn case you are running a small family business or anything like this, you can directly ask your customers (your friends, close relatives and colleagues) about what they might search for in the targeted topic, what they would not look for, etc.
For instance, if your home bakeshop serves approximately twenty people a day, and all of them are frequenters, you may adjust the menu according to their preferences without any losses.24. Use Competitors ExperienceThere is a plethora of data you can glean off of your competitors. Of course, in this case you will not get in touch with your actual audience, but you will be able to pinpoint the type of audience you are going to deal with.25. Set new goals, measure your traffic, bounce rate and encourage your clients to write and express themselves.
Remember, success is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration! Understanding your clientele will allow you to shift your marketing efforts into the right path and accommodate your average customer’s wishes.

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