My kids can be busy for hours with this site, which can sometimes be a good thing and sometimes a bad thing.
This one gets points for originality because it was around long before Lady Ga Ga started singing, “Let’s play a love game.” Though some of the games might appear racy or even raunchy, most of the games here are PG. This site calls itself the “maze game headquarters of the Internet.” I don’t know about that, but they certainly have a lot of maze games to play of differing types and difficulty levels. The best game websites for kids combine games with educational content and promise to keep kids busy during their summer holidays. All resources offered by this website are collected through the internet and exchanged between peers for personal study.
If you feel some resources have infringed your copyright, Please contact us, we will delete it as quickly as possible, we won't bear any legal responsibility for the resources. I guess one could argue that they have done it again but in this day there’s a lot of gaming that can be done for free without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a home console.
Mac Games, shooting games, arcades, card, multiplayer, sports and a bunch of others that I’m not even sure how to describe! The site has games that are aimed at kids but I think you’ll find plenty for adults to do with games related to Star Wars, Chronicles of Narnia, Space Adventures and even G.I.

They reminded me of a simpler time when dad made paying the bills look easy and when the summer was the most magical time of all. Multiplayer, puzzle, arcade, shooting, strategy, sports, 3D, card, graphic, board, Casino, text and believe it or not, there’s more. You can quicken your pulse by helping video characters prepare for a first date, score points with the love of their life, pick out a bikini, be a private investigator to catch a cheating lover or dance at prom.
These are an excellent pastime for children who want to break away from the shackles of books and projects for few minutes. There’s also some games where a video character might do a strip tease for you and some of those games could rate at PG-13. Just as they’re getting to the end and needing to really focus so they don’t bump into the walls and reset the game, the screen is taken over by a screaming monster head.
The site is top notch in design and functionality so it would be very difficult to keep this site off the list. Console Classix brings back the games that were popular in the 80s and 90s on Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo and even Coleco and Atari. So this one might be based only on who’s playing, but we’ve got to give them some points for originality and having a specific niche.

Or maybe I’m just biased because I really like video games and have ever since I can remember. So when your boss is looking the other way or your favorite team is losing, you should hop over and see if you can beat your best score or someone else’s best score. The following sites are some of the better gaming sites online based on the quality of games provided, the selection, the uniqueness of the site (because we couldn’t just list all the ones that had the most games) and the intangibles that us gamers just feel. The site also has a store where you can buy games to download to your computer so you can play them even if you’re away from an Internet connection – like on an airplane perhaps. They also have a “free games by email” feature that you can sign up for and they’ll notify you when they come out with new free games.

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