One of the more frustrating things about the iPhone is the using of a different file format for ringtones and message tones, meaning that you cannot simply use tracks straight out of your iTunes library as ringtones. Scroll down the page to look at the top ringtones download lists and lists for your local area. Scroll through the list of available ringtones until you find a ringtone that you wish to download. Next, go back to the song you’ve altered and undo the time changes you made in the options.
Double-click on the song, and when it starts playing, it’s added in your ringtones automatically.

Let’s be honest as well, the stock ringtones provided on an iPhone by Apple suck as well.
Then you discover the songs are a buck each, and then another buck to make them into a ringtone on iTunes. If you were to play the song now that you’ve created a start and stop time, it will only last as long as the segment you indicated, even though the length of the song will still be the same. If you would like to further personalise your phone then it is possible to get free iPhone ringtones without having to install any extra apps or software.
If you want them for free, I’ll show you how to do it all within iTunes, no external program required.

Say the part of the song that you want to use for a ringtone is in the middle of it.  Indicate the start time for when the section of the song begins, and end it wherever you want. Delete the short version from iTunes, so the copy isn’t taking up space in iTunes anymore.

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