The hack was apparently conducted by the individuals behind website lightzz, who even put up a YouTube video of the hack, along with a Skype name (Roid-Monkey) for individuals interested in having their friends’ accounts hacked targeted. Technology changes our world and the way we live, so of course authors have long been taking great delight in speculating how else it might change us. In China and India the skills of teenage game-players are exploited by adults and companies for real-world profits and gains. Doctorow uses MMORPG to explore complicated real-world economics and social issues such as (un)fair working conditions and unionism.

Technology with a historical flavour as modern-day Callie accesses the legendary world of Camelot and the Arthurian court via her father’s virtual reality game.
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If these scumbags aren’t busy hacking and modding a game itself, 2 pretend they are good (NOT, U SUCK!) then their doing this BS.
Its creator has died leaving no heir – whoever finds and solves the riddles hidden within OASIS will inherit control of it (and a massive fortune to boot).

These people are so ruthless that the teens will need real-world cooperation as well as the biggest online hack ever, in order to escape and survive.
Johnny is happily playing the video game Only You Can Save Mankind when the aliens offer to surrender.

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