The ProblemAdobe has had numerous security issues with their products, including Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Flash, and others. The ExploitIn this exploit, we will alter an existing .pdf file that can then be posted to our website. Step 4: Set OptionsNow that we chosen our exploit and set our payload, the only thing left to do is to set our options. The reason why MSF is the Hackers' choice is that after rooting your victim's machine, the possibilities are endless.
LHOST is Local HOST, I mean your hacking system, that will be listening for connections, you have to put your own Local IP, you can see it typing in a cmd windows "ipconfig" or in a Linux system typing "ifconfig". While web servers, database servers, and file servers have garnered increased protection, the client-side remains extremely vulnerable, and there is much to teach.

When friends or others download it, it will open a listener (a rootkit) on their system and give us total control of their computer remotely.Let's start by firing up Metasploit.
Metasploit's Metaterpreter has a keylogger called keyscan that will send back to you all the keystrokes of the victim.You have given me an idea for a new blog.
You can open programs on your victim's machine, take screenshot, take a snapshot from his webcam, record audio from his machine and download it to your computer for playback, you can upload mp3's or movies and play it there using mediaplayer,you can delete files,enable and disable services..
This time, we'll look at inserting a listener (rootkit) inside a PDF file, exploiting a vulnerability in Adobe's Reader. In addition to sending to the victim, one can also embed it into a website inviting the unsuspecting victim to download it. When our victim downloads and opens this file from your website, it will open a connection to your system that you can use to run and own their computer system.Stay tuned, because in our next couple of blogs, we'll look at ways to avoid the victim's system antivirus software.

If you are referring to the embedding of the backdoor, it is specific to Windows, but you can embed a payload specific to the target operating system when you select your payload in Metasploit.Hope this answers your question. But, most people are unaware of the security issues that Reader has experienced—and they fail to upgrade or patch it.According to the antivirus software maker Avast, over 60 percent of computers have Adobe Reader 9 or earlier installed, even though the newest version is 11.

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