2.Sheila shows the elements of the house, and says there are camera everywhere to document.
The advantage of this is that when I got to scripting, I knew how many pages I wanted to dedicate to that plot development. As you look at the original plotting to the left, youa€™ll note some significant differences from the final product. A challenge of making a comic is that you have no a€?inner dialoguea€? or descriptive text. Another thing a comic artist needs to keep in mind is that you cana€™t stick dialogue bubbles in the middle of a drawing. Fortunately, therea€™s a great little program called a€?Comic Lifea€? that is fantastic at dialogue bubble construction. So, I started writing my script as I simultaneously created the panel layout and visualized what the art was going to look like in the panels. As I mentioned earlier, I did the artwork in a€?Manga Studio Debut,a€? a Japanese program thata€™s been translated to English for the rest of the world.
I saved my dialogue panels into a lo-res format and used them as a guide for the pages I sketched in Manga Studio.
To take care of that, I downloaded and installed Google Sketch-Up which renders 3-D models. In a stroke of luck, I picked up some freelance work right at this time and made up the difference to let the deadline slip for two weeks.
In addition to shading, I also did other things like add makeup to girlsa€™ faces, put a shine in the eyes and on lips, and made the textures for the floor and other areas. Comic Life is really designed to work with photographs, so you can add funny text word balloons to your home photos.
With the balloons & panels in Comic Life ready and waiting, putting the comic together was snap.
After this was done, I spent my last day drawing the cover image, making the graphics for the cover, making the webpage and then uploaded it to Lulu. Cool, but I think I might be able to get some from my local fire department through a chemistry class. The way to find that out is to get a writing pad and start to write what you want to see, or your targeted audience wants to read in your comic strip.
When preliminary sketches are done, it is time to give the strip a distinctive tone, texture and proper shading through inking. Inking your comic strip on your computer would be less strenuous if you know how to use Photoshop or Corel Painter.
When adding the text to your strip, you can use a pencil, write in long-hand, and trace the letters later with an inking pen, or you can do it directly on your computer. You have another good option to go if you are not yet ready to create it on your own, using your own materials and resources. One advantage of using these websites to make a comic strip is that they are very easy to use.

As a business, SPP needs fresh material at regular intervals to keep itself going, and making a full comic book was going to have a long production schedule. Professor Sheila Ballantine is going over the instructions, that they are to dispense all identification or personal items and live off what they find in the house. Even as I would edit and make changes on the fly, I knew I had to get things done in a set amount of space.
I would then fidget with it as I went through a few different endings, and after a few days work, I had made some severe changes, leaving the final page total at 38. I found a house model layout I liked, messed around with it, and now had the basic set Ia€™d use a lot in the course of the comic. Panel 2 has the TV visible, so we can see what theya€™re talking about in Panel 1, and the character is drawn small to look humble and slightly shy, matching what hea€™s saying.
The effect of changing the size of the figures form Panel 2 to Panel 3 also keeps the page looking dynamic and interesting. I had hoped to skip this step, because my deadline was days away and I still needed to do the layout, the cover and re-write the dialogue a bit.
So I wouldna€™t try and push the deadline any farther, we put a big old clock on the front of the website to shame me into getting it done. It really made the images look more rich and complex, and the depth that the shading added was a good idea.
After spending about 10 days doing the shading, I had complete artwork (except for some editing and fixes that needed to be done), and I was ready to do the layout. They probably never intended it to be a real comic production tool, but fortunately for me, it was up to the task. It was too late to change anything in a major way, but the freedom Comic Life gave me to make adjustments meant that I could twiddle the dialogue and the balloon placement until the very last minute. In previous (failed) comic attempts Ia€™ve never worked at a rate that could do more than a single comic book page in three days, so to do 38 in 45 days was more than Ia€™d hoped. This might be better for me as I currently have very little money for this project, but 5 bucks sounds like a sweet deal to me.
However it is not that simple and there is a method to follow in order to guarantee the success of your comic creation. Draw the comic art of your strip such as characters, setting, and props of your strip lightly using a pencil. Using an appropriate pen for inking comics, make sure to keep the balance of white, grays, and black.
This is the stage wherein you can convey the emotions, or add atmosphere, you want through colors. It is time to print your comic strip, or scan it on your computer, and publish it on your website.
It is just a matter of clicking which panel you want to use, pick a character or characters, add some objects, select an appropriate background, and type in the texts with their thought balloons.
Another benefit using a comic strip maker website is that you can practice in writing a dialogue, or comic strip conversations.

I didna€™t have time to be too precious about making great pencil sketches, and I knew Ia€™d be able to make up for it at the inking step. What I didna€™t catch at this point, the shirt in worn by the character on the far left was incorrect. If we couldna€™t get it done in a set amount of time, it was time to sell some blood and maybe an organ or two. The idea of a bunch of college kids stuck inside a malicious lab experiment was not new or original, but it suited the requirements of a comic book.
The boys joke with each other, knowing that ita€™s an experiment, hoping they dona€™t a€?cracka€? under the pressure. The phones will work, but cana€™t call out, just to computers that can simulate conversation.
Prepared food appears in the kitchen slot, and they start to talk about the situation: how the phones only call and text automatic robots, the radio only gets one Disney kids station, and the computers only surf to on-line game sites. Rather than try and sketch the final 170+ panels in one go, I broke the book up into 5-page segments. If either one of us creates a successful prototype, I have an idea on the turbine spinner that could make web shapes or fibers. You can choose whether you want each panel in a horizontal or vertical format, depending which serves best to your story. You can be more creative and have fun choosing the right colors for great appeal of your strip.
The TV will also show live video of her or her assistant from the control room when necessary.
Theya€™re told that sports, news and cartoons are coming a€?soon.a€? They try to talk to one of the phone robots, but ita€™s awkward.
Rather than try and visualize how text would fit into a page, putting it onto the page at this step made it a lot easier to make sure I could fit dialogue into the limited space and still move the plot along. Ita€™s impossible to say a€?Jim felt a certain subtle guilt at eating his wifea€™s wonderfully tart pancakes that left him conflicted about the affair he had been hiding from her for five years.a€? Forget it. My originals were drawn at 600 dpi, and I reduced it to save on the final size of the file and make sure Comic Life could handle it.
The turbine will be turned by the pressure and out of the turbine will fly strands of webs which will wrap the center strands. There are only so many pages and panels you can draw, so ita€™s vital to make the story as light on plot as possible.

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