This free web service offers you with all the basic features that are required for creating your own comic strips. A few of the websites also have communities where you can publish your comic book for others to read and you can read comic books of others.
The website supports comic creation in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Latin. Pixton is the third website in the list and it has different options as per the type of user: Personal, Teacher and all other users. Strip Generator is the second last website and it has following 4 options: Frames, Characters, Items, and Text.
Earlier, comics strips and comic books are actually created by people who are specialized in drawing skills. Strip Generator is a free comic strip generator that let you create cartoon comics for free. Apart from creating new comics, you can also browse the comic strips created by others and have a better idea. These websites provide you with various options using which you can create the comic book of your choice.

To start with comic making, you have to enter the name of your cartoon, a subtitle, and name of the author(s).
As for the Frames, you can further choose from 1 row, 2 rows, full page, and custom frames. Simply, drag and drop the characters, bubbles, objects, items and anything that you think is related to your comic. The Advanced comic maker provides you with better control and more options while the Beginner provides you with preset drawings using which you have to make the comic. You can then use different items from each of the section as per your choice to create your comic strip. Depending upon your choice, the website opens a feature rich editor from where you can use different tools and options to make your comic book. Once you completed creating your comic strip, Strip Generator provides you with an option to take print out of your comic story or share it online.
You can also add custom dialogues as per your choice to make your comic book even more impressive. After choosing the number, it’s time to choose the type of character your story requires.

When you have completed the comic, you can choose to publish on their website and even print it. The only thing to remember while using this website is that it only provides an option to print the comic. You can also add characters and change background directly from the comic maker. When you are done with the comic, you can publish it and choose to make it public or private. For each selected character, you can choose from different emotions and reactions depending upon your comics story line. There are various panel prompts like The Next Day, Suddenly, etc. When you have completed the comic, you can choose to print it or send to anyone via email.

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