As we all know, technology nowadays advances in a very rapid way and because of this, on the market appear more and more electronic devices that are made for doing different things, mostly for helping their users in their daily activities. In these days, mobile phones are the number one most important electronic devices because only with their help we have the possibility of staying in touch with everyone we want and you can also stay up to date with the latest information that appears in the newspapers.
The impact that these very small devices have in our social lives is huge because the benefits that come along with their usage are countless and of a very high importance.
The number of virtual stores that are found on the Internet is getting bigger and bigger because more and more people buy from them because of the great advantages that they receive. With the help of a mobile phone we can make calls, browse the Internet, send e-mail messages and others.
So, if you want to make certain changes at your cellular, you have to download free ringtones to cell phones from one of the numerous websites that are found over the Internet. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.
Downloaded a ringtone to my LG-P505CH, it plays when selected in ringtones but not when my phone rings. They allow you to cut and convert any mp3 tune you have on your computer into m4r which is the ringtone format for the iPhone. Of course you have other options like creating iPhone ringtones by jailbreaking, or making ringtones on your desktop using ringtones software and then transferring the ringtones to your iPhone. You can then select your 30 seconds audio clip by entering the beginning and the end of the target file.
On the top of the list is your custom iPhone ringtones, while at the bottom are the standard ringtones that come with the iPhone by default.
Here are some of the web applications that I tried and personally like and used to make free ringtones for my iPhone.
Phonozoo is another nice website that you can use for free to make ringtone from any song you have on your computer. After you register, you can record your voice using a microphone to create a ringtone or upload a song. You will be able to upload any song from your Mac or PC to the website and modify it into an iPhone ringtone. Then select the length of the ringtone, and slide the window to select the section of the song you want to create the ringtone from.

Once the song is uploaded, you can then choose the length of the ringtone window to the 30 second, and then, move the window to cut any section of the song. Tonemine used to be an amazing website not to make ringtone only but to mix a complete ringtone from scratch track by track.
Make sure you are in the Mixer tab, and select the beat you like, and then start adding sounds and effects to each of the eight tracks to make ringtone. It works by dragging and dropping any of the sound packs or sound effect to one of the 8 tracks. The only problem with this website is that it saves the file as mp3 not m4r, which means you have to follow the process of converting ringtones to m4r using iTunes or other mp3 to m4r converters. Everyone of these electronic devices play certain roles that are very important in the daily activities of their users. In these days, cell phones are found in the possession of everyone and they are being used daily for staying in touch with different people.
Nowadays, people buy the most performant cell phones that are equipped with the latest technology. Adhere to the first-class quality, our goal is to constant technological innovation and new product development, the most reasonable price and perfect after-sales service, won the trust and support! Those services work completely using a web browser in what is called web applications using you Mac or PC. Some of those web applications allow you to download free ringtones that are created and shared by others while other websites allow you to make your own ringtone completely from scratch building it track by track.
However, the method I will show you in this page is the easiest and most efficient way to make ringtone for your iPhone.
To do this, you can double click this ringtone file, iTunes should open and you should see the ringtone file in your ringtone directory in iTunes.
You have to register with most of the website for free first to have access to the service.
Once your iPhone ringtone is done, you can downloaded it to your computer or share it with others. It is the easiest and fastest way to make free ringtones for the iPhone using your web browser.
I would still keep this site here as it is a really nice mixer, and I hope they add the save as m4r feature in the future.

Because of their great fame, cell phones are being bought in large numbers all over the world. They buy them because they offer almost the same things that computers do meaning that users can browse the Internet, listen to music, read and edit Microsoft Office documents and other more.
From here many download free ringtones to cell phones because they are easy, great and cool. Then you can either see the waveform of the audio file, or an indication that the audio file has been uploaded successfully. Then you can sync your iPhone to PC, and see the ringtone you just created in your iPhone custom ringtone list. It uses a sharing service that allow you to create your own ringtone and have access to hundreds of ringtones that are created and shared by others on the web site. You will download an .m4r file that you can then open with iTunes and connect PC to iPhone to transfer the ring tone.
The thing that we find in common at all of them is that they all are made especially for doing things that come in help of their users in their daily activities. People mostly buy them from different stores that are found in every city but they also are being bought over the Internet from one of the many virtual stores. Being able to download free ringtones to cell phones is great because it means that you can change your ringing tone when you are in the mood to.
Click download and you will get an m4r file to your computer that you can then open with iTunes and then connect your PC to iPhone to sync. Also you can download hundreds of free ringtones that are already created and shared by others in the website. Besides that, Audiko also provides online ringtone maker, which you can upload music source from your computer folder either upload via web address. Plus more, this online ringtone makers supports mp3, mp4, aac, mid, midi, wma and m4a music formats. You can even create ringtone form YouTube videos.So, I hope the above online ringtone maker list can easily custom your dream mobile ringtone or phone ringtone without any software installation.

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