McLaren Automotive have launched a new website that offers some great information and insight into their new super car, the MP4-12C. That extra content is likely to be the focus of a new blog that will present the latest news from the McLaren Technology Centre. So, what are you waiting for, get the latest Flash 10 plug in, and check out McLaren’s new e-digs.
McLaren Automotive has launched a new website to act as an engaging and informative online showroom for the new MP4-12C.
The opportunity to explore how technical innovations have shaped the new 12C is a highlight of the site, which employs Adobe Flash 10 3D to bring its content to life.
Daly continued: “Until the car is physically presented in showrooms in early 2011, this website will be the only publicly-available source of official information relating to our range of high performance sports cars. Create web-sites in your native language and edit them in a handy way As Show.kit supports Unicode, you will be able to make your website in your native language or make a multilingual site. Unicode support: create websites and presentations in your native language (except for some specific languages.
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The first ever metal construction Brum Pedal Carsuitable for children from 2 years of age upto 6. Now your child can cruise their very own "Bigtown" with the little "Superhero" and he really is a classic looking sit on pedal car with a stylish retro look that kids and adults will love.

Lead free powder coated paint, all steel construction, solid disc wheels with duralast solid rubber tyres, gold hubcaps, red padded seat, Brum's dashboard, black metal steering wheel, headlight shrouds, spare wheel mounted on tailgate, Brum's number plates, running boards, movable crank handle, and adjustable pedals that will allow childs growth. For a FREE ( and spam free ) copy of the Aldridge Newsletter, delivered by email please click the link below, thank you !
In many cases, people start designing and building a website without giving much thought to SEO. When you build a website, basically you want your website to provide what your target visitors want. There’s some extra pics and a new video after the jump, which shows how the gullwing-style doors work on the new MP4-12C. 3D animation is provided by Burrows and McLaren Automotive’s visual identity has been developed by Fitch. Multiple projects, already developed for you by professionals are available in the area for all registered users. Add your own music and sounds, or select any from the gallery - and enrich your website with music.
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