WebWatchBot is a professional monitoring application for websites, web applications with transactions, and infrastructure. It's equipped with email notifications, a scheduler, and various pie charts which demonstrate the uptime and downtime, along with failing and watch items, in addition to a wide range of statistics, such as the number of times an item was checked, alarm status, or the last response text. Customization options are available for the interface, such as menus, toolbars, and grid headings.
Make sure to check out the complete user documentation for more details on how to work with WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software. It can be used by administrators who want supervise their sites' performance and uptime status, in order to resolve issues as soon as they occur. The program features a watch explorer with filters for suspended, running and inactive websites, HTTP and HTTPS pages, databases (internal network and server), transactions, SMTP and POP3 email, FTP clients, disk usage and performance count, among others. In this regard, it's possible to generate detailed reports for further analysis and comparison. Free server monitoring tool scans the site position when your website goes down and notifies you immediately via email and you may fix problems before they cost your e-business money, customers or reputation.

First supported web method is DisableCheck, which allows for a Watch Item to be suspended and activated.
When the Transaction is run, the specified form variables value will be saved from the previous step.
Website URL checker provides facility for growing up your business after checking the performance and availability of your all websites. Website uptime monitoring tool monitors your website performances which increases the chances of your business growth. Website uptime monitoring software keeps track of online web based application's performance status such as uptime status, downtime status, ping status and response time etc. Automated website monitoring service immediately alerts user automatically by running specific program, sound beep or sending e-mail to the user specified id. Website performance monitor provides option to you to switch from main view to monitoring view and also permits to create and maintain numerous website profiles at single instant.
Web site uptime checker checks website uptime, ensures availability of websites and improves online performance.

Automatic website monitor tool aware user when error messages are displayed while accessing websites such as host not found, bad request, server not found, page cannot be displayed, forbidden error etc. PregnanSee is a weekly video pregnancy calendar that lets you visualize the stages of your pregnancy right on your PC desktop. Most of them care for their families in a thousand little ways that we all tend to take for granted. DLL-files Fixer allows access to an extensive .dll file library for you to download and install using a simple search-and-click installation procedure. TyphoonPassword will automatically display a password reminder, whenever you open or visit a web page or window that requires a password. Backlink checker utility has capacity to manage and check weblink status of your all or specific websites.

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