Free website design layout in PSD format are offered by Quality Web Programming for its clients. TemplateMonster Winter 2012 Collection Posted by Katarina Klementi Few days are left till the end of the winter season, yet spring mood is already coming.
To bring you this mood and inspiration we are glad to present the whole collection of themes that were produced during the last three months.
This compilation is a sort of summing up post of all Free Website Templates of Winter 2012.Having a look at this great work done, we are able to analyze it and work out the new strategies of creating high-grade freebies for you.

We hope that you will help us find out what themes were of the top interest, and what items need more attention of our designers. To sum up the main trends of web design that are presented in these themes, we should mention the following features. Almost all of them offer you the effective jQuery sliders that are integrated in their headers. Besides, among these freebies you will find a number of themes with cool galleries for you to show your products in the memorable way to the public.

The last winter freebie was Full JavaScript-Animated Template with spectacular Flash-like dynamics - the very item to choose for noticeable web presence.

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