FTP (File transfer protocol) is used for transferring files between computers and was the primary method of uploading web pages to the Internet.
However understanding how it works and how to use it may be necessary when doing manual WordPress installs, and if you develop a website using a desktop based client like Dreamweaver.
There are many FTP programs available both as Freeware, Shareware and standard commercial ones. Unless you are familiar with using the command prompt then it is best to avoid the command line versions.
You will often find that the server names are different when you are using FTP, as they are when you are using HTTP. The normal convention is that FTP servers have a name starting with FTP and HTTP servers have a name starting with WWW.

In reality what we are talking about is the same server and folder, just being accessed via a different protocol.
If you use Firefox browser then you may also want to look at FireFTP which is an add-on to the browser.
This is often called web ftp and is much simpler than traditional ftp in that you don’t require to install and configure an ftp client. Although it is easier to use that standard ftp it tends to be slower, but that is not normally a problem, as you mostly only upload a couple of pages at a time.
By this stage of the game you have more than likely purchased your ISBN, had your manuscript edited, had your book cover designed and are about ready to print your books. If you make a mistake you can easily overwrite, or remove files on you site which you may not wish to do.

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