My next book IS my soon-to-be-finished self publishing step-by-step series, so this is a kind of Mandelbrot thing, only a lot less intricate. I published my first book in 2009, learned everything the hard way, but still managed to put out a decently popular book. My second book  taxied down the runway in 2013 with a nice polish on those hard-earned lessons.
If you’d like to be notified when it is ready for release, just sign up here or keep tuning in! Site Customized by Corinne TippettThis is the "Motion" theme, heavily customized and tweaked. With the release of Visual Studio 2013, now we can Create, Publish & Monitor Windows Azure websites from within Visual Studio itself without opening Windows Azure portal. In Create Site on Windows Azure dialog, Provide necessary website detail and click on Create. It will open browser and we can see default homepage for newly created website as displayed in below image. Here we can see that output window is capturing and displaying website log in real time manner.
Outlook Web Access requires HTTPS connections (and rightfully so) but I like to make things easier on users when I can, so we’re going to publish OWA in stages. Log onto TMG, browse down to the Firewall Policy, and in the actions pane (far right) click on Toolbox. Create another, call it allpurposehttps, configure it to use https, pick your external address, your certificate (I recommend a wildcard cert so you can use this for many things) and set Authentication to “No Authentication.” We’re going to let OWA handle the authentication, so no sense making the user also authenticate to TMG. In Select Web Listener, pick your allpurposehttp listener from the drop down list, and then click Next. Pick Exchange 2010 from the drop down list, and select Outlook Web Access, then click Next. In the Select Web Listener, pick your https listener from the drop down list, and the click Next.
In Completing the New Exchange Publishing Rule Wizard, click Test Rule and investigate any errors. With this, we get the double-goodness of using simple URLs for web mail that take care of securely connecting our users automagickally.
If I connect directly to exchange server using the internal address from the TMG machine I get the same error. That sounds more like an IIS thing than a TMG thing, since your external users are able to hit the iisstart.htm page.

Personally, I would just paste the redir string into iisstart.htm since you know users are hitting that, and call it a day.
Your instructions worked like a charm, Exchange 2010 is so much more fun and easier than 2007.
Thanks a million ,i installed exchange edge transport server ,my environment only internal email,i cannot send email successfully through edge transport server,what lmhost setting is using in edge server,how to test the port are working in exchange,i don,t know what mistakes i made it. Do you have any advice\instructions on creating a wildcard Cert from an internal CA that then can be used for all Exchange 2010 services (IIS, OWA, SMTP,RPC ActiveSync,) as well for establishing a SSTP VPNs to TMG? Please can you confirm the certificate Template Used from the internal Root CA ( Web Server providing server auth etc) and what you would recommend as the SANS to include within the Cert request if any? Sorry, but I barely have time to review comments; I cannot check your syntax right now but will try to do so this weekend. Considering you are one of three people I know who has even clicked around enough to notice that as an option…no.
Can you paste the full message text (non-English is ok) in a reply to this, along with more info on external and internal names used? CAN anyone help me please i did as mentioned above and the test shows green , but still i get access owa Error Code: 403 Forbidden. Remember, this is leveraging the behaviour of host headers for http, so that name must be unique. Does it work from internal workstations but not the TMG, or does it not work from anywhere? Is the internal URL internal only, or are you running a split DNS and using the same name internally and externally?
Hi Ed hope you will help on this,atuodiscover not working externally when i want to set new account from a joint domain , outlook will not find the autodiscover (only externally).Tested autodiscover connectivity failed as well ,went to technet docs didnt find any good references,we using TMG 2010 ,we do have a host record for autodiscover,does it have to be the external ip of the TMG ?
So far it was possible to publish directly Azure website from Visual Studio 2012 but with this release it is even easier to create & monitor Azure website from within Visual Studio. In next section, we will examine how we can monitor Azure Website from within Visual Studio.
As highlighted in above image, click on setting button in output window and select All Logs so that output window start capturing and display real time log of Azure website. Having had to deal with Notes’ pathetic excuse for webmail for the past six months, I was thrilled (thrilled! Remember, this one will accept a simple URL over http, and then redirect us to our proper OWA connection. If you did everything above correctly, and your DNS records are in place, you see your browser redirected to your https site and then you’ll see the logon form for OWA.

Most don’t enable caching on the TMG so maybe an iisreset on the IIS server would straighten things out. I kind of felt important when I learned exchange 2007, but now anyone can set this stuff up with 2010.
In the interest of completeness I may do something in the future on that, but it won’t be any time soon. You should take a look at the TMG logs for when the failure occurs, and see if they shed more light on the issue. You only want to use http to hit the Deny rule that redirects, and you only want to use https to hit OWA for real. To see real time log in action, start capturing log as described above and visit 2-3 pages of newly created and published Azure website and observe output window. Any opinions expressed herein are my personal and not of any organization or my current or previous employer.
If you cannot access OWA from the TMG server itself, its tough to troubleshoot why external clients cannot.
I add all networks and local host, but you may choose to only add internal or create a list of appropriate sites. Try using a different name, like mail or mailbox instead of webmail if you cannot find where webmail is already being used to make sure that it is not a problem with the name already assigned to another http rule.
If you have not subscribed to Azure service then you can subscribe for free trial from here.
We know that users tend to leave off the protocol, and if we tell them to type slash Oh Double-U Ay they will probably wind up with \0uu8 so we’re not even going to try.
I saw INXS from the front row at Radford College in 1987 when they had no sponsor, and again six months later when MTV was footing the bill. This whole post is divided in three sections, Creating Azure Website, Publishing to Azure Website & Monitoring Azure Website from Visual Studio 2013. We’ll just set up a rule that accepts a simple URL over http and redirects them to another rule that connects them to OWA over https.
They were just as awesome the second time around, but a lot more personal from ten feet away.

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