Next Post Previous Post Ways To Improve Sales Through Your WebsiteAnyone who has been online marketing is aware that the lifeblood of the company is the traffic of an site. There are several reasons to choose us as your web hosting provider, but the number #1 reason is our customer support! It has always been Sales that is responsible for the revenue, measuring how leads move from one stage to the other, with the ‘Funnel’ as the foundation. We start with the traditional Sales Funnel, which is basic and is focussed on showing the transformation of leads to customers.
Today, a website plays a significant role in the overall marketing plan; in fact, for many companies, it is also a transaction platform. The Website Sales Funnels are different from the other funnels in this list, because they measure the activities performed by the visitor on the site before they are even considered a Lead. In all of this, I would like to highlight, one factor that stands out, it is the absence of marketing influence.
Here is where Marketing Automation players are coming in and positioning their product as either a funnel builder or as a means of becoming a part of business revenue as opposed to the business cost. At the very beginning of the funnel, marketing plays a vital role in Lead generation, by creating awareness for a product or service and bringing a Lead to the site.
Most of these leads, though live, are not active and sale ready and hence they need to be nurtured.
Why the marketing funnel is important is that it clearly defines marketing’s role in the revenue generation process, it shows how involved marketing is in the sales process and how integral it is to the process of converting Leads to customers.
Marketing until now has always been considered as a cost center, however the entry of Marketing Automation platforms has ensured, companies are able to measure the ROI for their marketing activities and marketing stakes a claim as part of the revenue. IN THIS BLOGWe share our collective wisdom - based on many years of experience and insight - about marketing automation, sales processes, and lead management.
Sanford sells the world’s best writing instruments and is a single supplier for writing instruments in any category or price point. By creating a reusable web portal with great prizes, the sales incentive program is easily repeatable and is now scheduled for multiple runs. March 29, 2011 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment The big trend now is a shift away from traditional PRINT media like magazines and newspapers to the internet.
To answer these questions, you will need to TRACK enquires – no different to what you should have been doing with traditional advertising.

3) Someone takes some other online action, like makes an online purchase, or enters their details to download a catalogue, etc.
IMPORTANT : The special report will be emailed to you, so please ensure you have correctly entered your email address.
Who wants to be sold to by a total stranger, however, many men and women will buy what their close friends recommend in their mind. A good idea would be to publish both good and bad comments that way prospects is going to be really believing that these testimonials are really the.
Not every person will read your text copy through the head to the tail, but a majority of men and women will take note of images on your own website. If you offer bonuses that complement your product or service, your prospects will feel it’s a good deal and it might be stupid to overlook it. Many people entice their prospects with the advantages of their product, target these with stories of the way it has solved many problems, even offered killer bonuses but forget to ask for the sale.
Our team of detail oriented individuals is here to ensure that your websites are available and functioning as they should, all the time.
This ‘Funnel Diagram’ over time, has been recreated and modified in different forms to enable a better understanding of the conversion process. It is a measure of investment versus return, but it also defines the stages and processes involved in this journey of effort converting to results. This funnel is focused on the customer and his progression from someone interested in a product to someone who uses and promotes the product.  It highlights the different stages of a Lead’s journey and how a company can provide the right information and motivation to the potential customers to move onto the next stage of the purchase cycle. This funnel focuses on how prospects behave in the different stages of the buying cycle and how you can create demand for a product during these stages. It is no surprise that we have a Website Funnel that shows how online visits transform to customers and the different stages of this process. Source of the visitors, their level of engagement with the content on the site, their reaction to different calls to action on the site and their interaction with the company – via form fill or request form before the sale is made, are all qualifiers which decide if a Lead is worthy of entering the Sales Funnel. But, that is changing with advent of marketing automation; increasingly marketers are looking at the funnel and either thinking of ‘How I can actively participate in it, or how I can have my own funnel’. Once on the site, the Marketing Automation platforms capture the Lead info and help with the prospect list building process. This is where marketing initiated drip campaigns ensure that the lead stays engaged.  Marketing collaterals like Whitepapers, Research Papers, Case Studies etc.

One of their goals is to grow sales within their existing promotional products distributor base. To capture submissions, Alpha developed a custom web portal that allowed DSRs to easily register for the program, enter their submissions, upload their supporting invoices and track their overall progress in the sales incentive.
People like to search and find information online these days, especially for a product or a service.
Okay, you’ve got some tracking in place now – but then you discover that you are not getting as many enquires as you should… so we need to take the next step and IDENTIFY what’s happening on your website. However, here are several ways that you could tweak your sites with to further improve sales without having to read more visitors.
If you can convince your audience that you’re a personal friend who may have their best interest as the primary goal, are going to convinced to get your products.
When prospects see testimonials on your own website, they will have the boldness to purchase within you because human beings continue with the herd mentality when others have bought and proven it authentic, they’ll jump on board and buying too.
Make sure you state the monetary value of your respective bonuses to ensure that people will be even more compelled to post your good bargain. The Sales Funnel signifies how the funnel entry, where large volumes of leads enter the system, becomes narrower with the passage of time. Since the funnel also looks at after sale behavior, it helps companies to plan in advance their strategies for retaining customers and converting them into advocates. The number of people who are aware of the product is significantly high, while the final number that actually makes a purchasing decision is insignificantly small. To achieve this, they aim to incent repeat orders of Sanford writing products through their national accounts, as well as their secondary and tertiary distributors.
Since 2002, Owner Jim Plavecsky has a goal to provide users with the highest quality and value windows and doors in the marketplace.Window Tech Sales needed a professional and modern website with interactive maps to showcase their products and locations. Those Leads which show an interest in buying from the company are sent proposals and quotes and if the offerings meet their needs, the prospects, who have so far traversed the funnel, become the new customers for the company. Drop me a message CONTACT MEPortfolio of Jonath Lee - UI, UX, Web Designer and 3D Visualizer from Ipoh, Malaysia© 2016 Jonath Lee.

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