A new dating website is offering to pair Americans with Canadian singles to save them from a Donald Trump presidency. While the dating service has yet to launch, its waitlist has already attracted over 4,200 sign-ups -- 70 per cent of them Canadian, according to Goldman. Goldman hatched the idea for the site while watching primary election returns on Super Tuesday. That day, CNN dispatched a crew to Cape Breton after a local website pitching the Nova Scotian island as a Trump-free paradise attracted more than 300,000 hits in two weeks.
The exhibition was made possible thanks to a $5,000 award from the World Jewish Congress and the Israeli Consulate in New York, after the students won first place in the first annual Campus Pitch Competition.
The students, Amit Gutin and Orr Izkovic, took the top prize in the February competition, facing off against four other student group finalists from the tristate area.

The competition was the culminating event of a semester-long campaign in which student groups from the Tristate region submitted proposals for events, initiatives and ideas to broaden the conversation about Israel and Jewish issues on campus. Comments are moderated and we reserve the right to edit or remove any which are derogatory or offensive. Earlier this year, Khloe posted a photo showing off her rockin’ bod… but fans spotted a slight edit to her leg. Turns out Jennifer Lawrence is a pretty big Kardashian fan… such a big fan she even cries because she feels their pain.
He says the matching algorithm will pair people based on compatibility and mutual interest -- even if that interest is a fear of Trump. As the former reality TV star swept up five state wins, Goldman searched for an alternative.

In addition to the grant, the winners were also invited to participate in an international WJC conference in Europe later this year.
The gallery shows the true melting pot of Israel, with subjects including Jews, Muslims, Christians, members of the LGBT community, and immigrants, among others. The World Jewish Congress looks forward to future events of the kind as part of its efforts to promote Israel in the face of delegitimization.

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