JailbreakMe is a browser based service that exploits a feature in Safari, allowing it to download and run software that fundamentally alters the operating system on your device. As some of our users may be visiting with little to know idea what this article is about, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions.
A jailbreak is simply the ability to run apps and use themes and tweaks not approved by Apple. Slide your finger across to begin the jailbreaking process, just like you would swipe to unlock your device to reach the home screen. If one had jailbroken their iDevice and needed to take it into and apple store, will they be able to tell even if the device was restored? Enter your name and email below to get Free Instant Access to the most comprehensive guide available on how to Hack, Control Remotely, and Decrypt the Passwords of Macs. Join the thousands of people who have enjoyed the guide and receive our newsletter with exclusive online hacking and security tips. Now that jailbreaking an iPhone is as simple as visiting the right website, it’s hard not to want to tread into the exotic, somewhat sketchy seeming world of jailbreak apps. Need to justify your switch to the dark side before you throw that ominous jailbreak slider?
Relive the glory days of the original Nintendo with this polished NES emulator for the iPhone. In addition to saving you time by allowing you to quick reply directly from a message’s pop up alert, Bite SMS features a host of other useful features such as quick compose, scheduled messages, auto-forward, auto-retry, passcode lock, and much more. Despite iOS’s generally easy-to-use interface, multitasking on the iPhone can sometimes be a pain.
As the name implies, iBlacklist can blacklist certain numbers but can also do a whole lot more. Tons of developers have tried to reinvent iOS multitasking, but Auxo is arguably one of the best.
Instead of opening your phone to call or message someone, Favorite Contacts puts your most contacted contacts in your notification screen where all you have to do is touch to send a call or text.

Any battery saving app is incredibly useful but not all of them perform tasks on their own, which can make preserving power stressful. I thought it would be useful to our readers if we put together a short guide on how to use Blackra1n to Jailbreak your iPhone.
The first thing you will need to do is download the Blackra1n.exe file, this can be downloaded from the Blackra1n website link below. Once it is done your iPhone will reboot and you will now have a blackra1n icon on your iPhone home screen, when you launch the icon you will get a menu which will show you an available list of installers including, Cydia, Rock and Icy.
This is bar far the easiest iPhone jailbreak we have used to date, head on over to Blackra1n for more details and to download the app. Mine keep stopping after the iTunes icon and plug appear on my phone after the initial reboot. Will black ra1n erase all my data, apps, and everything else on my iPod touch when I try to restore it?
A new DMCA exception was recently approved by the Library of Congress, which specifically allowed jailbreaking. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to HackMac.org with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
But what can you get from the grey market that you can’t get from Apple’s bright and shiny App Store? The virtual controls can’t quite match the red and black buttons you mashed back in ‘89, but we figure having every NES game ever made in your pocket more or less makes up for it. More specifically, you can run apps that are supposed to only have certain features over Wi-Fi networks, like FaceTime, over 3G networks. If double-clicking the home button every time you want to switch apps feels clunky and inefficient to you, then check out Zephyr. The “password” is actually a series of strategic screen touches on a fake load screen, and you can even disguise the app as one of your unused Apple icons, like stocks.
You can whitelist the people you want to access your phone for stricter control, choose one of four actions for blocked callers, and even schedule which times or days to apply different levels of blocking.

The key feature is a card system that shows live previews of your open apps – a function so slick and useful that Apple sucked it up and included a very Auxo-like update to the native multitasking features in iOS7.
Mobile carriers sometimes charge you extra for tethering, but Tether Me is built with specific API restrictions that hide your activity from your carrier. You can quickly pull up notes and copy and paste from text messages or write something in as soon as you think of it while working within other apps. BatterySafe senses when the battery is wavering and automatically turns off the things that drain it the most like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to activate the app switcher, and swipe side-to-side to jump between recently used apps. However, many iPhone users went through to this trouble to circumvent the tight restrictions on what software can be used on the popular devices. Nitrous unlocks this feature so it can work with any app that uses WebKit, which includes most third-party browsers. Jailbroken phones can download any software they want, not just Apps pre-approved by Apple. Some of the most popular applications include MyWi, which turns phones into mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, and IntelliScreen, which lets users put e-mail and calendars on their home screens. Early reports said that some users of the site were experiencing difficulties using the videoconferencing feature called Facetime on their hacked phones. The new website does allow users to uninstall the software by using the restore feature available over iTunes, and this seems to fix the problem, according to online reports. But after the government changed the jailbreaking rules last week, the company justified its tight control over the phone’s software.

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