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Events may occur which render the awarding of the prize impossible due to reasons beyond the control of the promoter and the promoter may, at its absolute discretion, vary, amend or suspend the prize with or without notice. The promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into in relation to the competition. Join our site and get fresh content delivered to your inbox automatically each time we publish. Tweet55 Share23 Pin11 Share3 +1 Buffer16 PocketShares 108Quizzes are a great way to boost user engagement on your website.
It’s hard differentiating the effectiveness of one piece of content from another, and with our busy schedules, we don’t have the time to implement each and everyone type of content into our marketing strategy. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should be relatively familiar with what circulates on social media networks.
Social media quizzes in general, have the innate ability to attract audiences and engage them in an entertaining level, and that’s just scratching the surface.
Here at Interact, we’ve helped over 10,000 brands create over 25,000 quizzes, so saying we have a pretty good understanding of quizzes is an understatement.
After this step-by-step guide, even you might consider implementing quizzes as an interactive piece of content in your marketing. They say that 80% of readers gauge the worth of something by its title, and that’s quite a bit of pressure on you. The “Which (Blank) Are You?” Title – Have you ever wondered which Disney villain you most likely resemble?
The “Celebrity Personality” Title – Take the “Which (Blank) Are You?” Title template and put a spin on it by replacing the (Blank) with a celebrity instead and you get this title template. For example, almost 77% of quizzes of Playbuzz quizzes that are shared 1m times or more are personality quizzes. Once you have the title of your quiz all figured out, it’s time to think of the kind of quiz that you want to make. The Personality Quiz – Because of something called the“self-serving bias,” people generally like to hear good things about themselves. From a marketing perspective, if you were a brand that places an emphasis on product sales, you could place individuals into categories that offers personalized product recommendations based on their answers.
As a marketer, you could use the knowledge test to assess employees in the workplace, or you could challenge the knowledge of your audience on how much they know about your brand, its products, or any other trending topic. After you’re settled on a title and the type of quiz you want to make, it’s time to get into the meat of the quiz. Add Visual Elements To Your Quiz – When creating your questions, consider using images.
Simplify The Quiz-Taking Process – People don’t have a lot of time on their hands like they used to, and their attention spans are pretty much on the same wavelength.
Promise Value To Your Audience – Although we’re already trading someone’s results for their contact information, it doesn’t hurt to give them an incentive to encourage them even further to make the trade.
Only Request The Information You Need – Sometimes it is possible to ask for more than what’s necessary, and that’s not something you want to do.
Be Honest About Your Marketing Strategy – Not everyone will catch onto the idea that you’ll be getting in touch with them after they opt-in, so it’s a good idea to give them a friendly reminder. Compliment Your Audience – People are more likely to share good things about themselves, so it’s safe to say that positive emotions promote sharing.
Use Enthralling Images – Remember how we suggested the use of images in your questions? Include A Call-To-Action – You want to assert your brand as much as possible, so don’t be afraid to include a call-to-action in your results. Needless to say, quizzes have worked for authority sites like New York Times, BuzzFeed, PlayBuzz etc and they can help you succeed too. From there, we showed you how to create entertaining questions to drive audience engagement, followed by a few quick pointers on how to create an effective lead capture. If you’re looking for a fun and innovative way to boost your marketing, consider creating your own social media quizzes.
About DigitalGYD DigitalGYD (read as Digital Guide) is a leading tech and social media weblog that is committed to serve its readers with various topics related to social media related strategies,tech & gadget, and blogging resources.
The Internet is fascinated with these silly quizzes, so much so that virtually the exact same quiz can be popular twice, thirteen years apart. As marketers, quizzes present an interesting opportunity because of their stickiness and ability to harness the power of social sharing.
Today I am going to show how three companies have created quizzes not unlike the Time Magazine dog quiz, but with a twist.
Let’s meet our three example companies, take a quick peek at their business models, and get an idea of how new email leads feed into their goals. Second we have Afar Magazine, they are a rising travel website dedicated to feeding wanderlust.
These three companies rely heavily on email lead generation to fuel their respective businesses, join me as we examine exactly how they use quizzes to help their lead generation efforts and grow their businesses.
The quiz ended up bringing over 801 new leads that were fed into a marketing automation system to nurture the people along into customers, and that was from only 1,350 quiz takers. Kroll did a good job of making their trivia applicable to their industry, so that it appeals to the type of audience that could become their customers. These questions are the kind of back-and-forth banter that you might find among acquaintances in a pub, lighthearted, but still passing enough information back and forth to establish a real connection.
For Afar, these questions serve as an icebreaker to a new visitor who finds this quiz through social media. The main incentive here is to get more information about something you are obviously interested in, which is traveling.

Again, going back to the idea that an emotional response leads to more social shares, when people see their quiz results on this Afar quiz they say things like “You like the finer things in life – Amen to that” (as shown in the tweet below). Perhaps the most “quiz-like” of all these quizzes is this one from Viewsbank – it’s called “Which Reindeer are you?” And I mean, come on – who doesn’t want to know which Reindeer they are?
In spite of, or maybe because of, this goofiness, the Reindeer quiz was taken 1,647 times and brought in 1,191 new subscribers for ViewsBank. Just like Apple products, Internet quizzes just keep coming back in new forms, enamoring the general population who can’t help themselves when presented with something like “Which Reindeer are you?” As marketers we are responsible for capitalizing on content like this and turning it into new business. Author: Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a platform for creating fully customizable quizzes that help you generate engagement and capture leads. I think the opt-in for providing an e-mail is a good idea because it eliminates the pressure when people are required to provide their e-mail to see quiz results. Hey Jeff, You have shared some nice posts regarding collecting real e-mail list that will convert into leads instead of e-mail spams. Byron White and team members offer their two cents on business, life, and the content marketing revolution.
Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to provide your customers and prospects with a truly relevant but fun quiz right on your website?
Hire professional freelance writers to craft fun, keyword-specific quizzes that will test your readers’ knowledge. What if people could take a quick quiz on your site and leave with knowledge that will really help them, rather than finding out which Twilight character they most resemble? Dawn Allcot is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments. How to create a quiz with goconqr - youtube, Watch how you can easily create a quiz online using the free elearning tools at goconqr. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
The promoter cannot accept entries from entrants aged 12 or under and parents or guardians must enter on their behalf. Sites like Buzzfeed are already cashing by making fun and interactive quizzes that get tons of social media shares.
These became some of the top content marketing goals for the year, and 32.3% of marketers already have a content marketing strategy in place. So for time’s sake, what you want to know is what kind of content has been known to perform consistently well that you can implement into your marketing? The kind of content we’re looking to utilize in our marketing strategy is something you may have come across at least once in your lifetime.
Underneath, these quizzes, when applied to a marketing strategy, can increase brand awareness, generate leads and drive revenue. Today, we’ll be showing you how to create your own quiz for your marketing strategy, along with some of the best practices to make the most out of it.
So we’re here to give you several templates to choose from that have performed consistently with readers.
At that point, you’re trying to see how much someone actually knows about something in contrast to what they know in general. This particular title resonates with more people because of the use of larger names, so if you’re trying to attract a broader audience, this one works just fine. It personalizes the shopping experience and develops a closer connection with your customer base through the help of a quiz.
You’ll come across the knowledge test frequently on social media, testing audiences on how much they know about a certain subject, then giving results based on accuracy. The questions are an important part of the quiz because it’s where you as a brand can establish a one-on-one connection with your audience.
Text-only quizzes are fine, but including pictures really adds a little something to the quiz. This is where we’ll create a form that asks your audience for their contact information in exchange for their results.
Incentivize your lead capture by throwing in offers like a weekly newsletter, an entry to a free giveaway, or maybe even an ebook. This not only lets your audience know that you’ll be contacting them soon, but it also prevents them from mistaking your email as spam. Since the results are what’s often shared on social media, you’re going to want to make sure that they’re worth sharing. Well now, the image you choose in your results will play an even larger role since it’ll be what appears on social media when shared.
Lead your audience back to your website, or offer personalized product recommendations to keep them interested. With a push to produce content that can perform well in your marketing strategy, social media quizzes are the way to go. Lastly, we included some of the best practices to get the most out of your social media quiz results.
We are not just another informative blog, our readers say we are that resource everyone should have. Some links may be affiliate links that would ensure I get a commission for products you buy through them at no additional cost to you. Buzzfeed, Viral Nova and Upworthy and on many other new age media sites, blogs and websites. Often they get 1 to 2 million views and are shared at high velocity on Facebook and Twitter. The only problem is, simply getting shared or driving traffic doesn’t quite cut it unless we can show concrete results from our marketing efforts. These companies have tied a lead capture form to their quizzes, and together have brought in 6,232 new email subscribers. For Afar, new email leads means a larger list that can be contacted whenever a new travel guide or article comes out. This is a company that pays people to take surveys, and their customers are large companies who need survey respondents. They are a well-established technology company that chooses to innovate rather than settling for the status quo.
Quiz questions give businesses the unique opportunity to talk with potential users on a mass scale, even if it is a scripted conversation. These questions make you think a bit, they are fun to look at and answer, they make you forget that you are taking a quiz created by a brand – exactly the right combination to set the quiz taker up for entering information at the end of the questions. The unique lead generation capability of quizzes is their ability to put a “lead gate” between the questions and the results.

This Kroll quiz uses the offer of a contest as a secondary reason for putting in an email address. This quiz ended up being shared 187 times, which is a 14% share rate (14% of people who completed the quiz shared their results). There are various ways to accomplish this, and each quiz takes a unique path to eliciting emotions. That’s not an accident – Afar Magazine understands that people enjoy sharing quiz results like what their Spirit City is. The Afar quiz gets people to be introspective and think about what they are really like, but it accomplishes that in an enjoyable way.
Now that the quiz taker has gotten a little taste of what Afar has to offer through this quiz, they are given the opportunity to opt-in and receive a newsletter with more travel inspiration.
Afar left a clear skip option so as to eliminate tire-kickers, but was still able to get a strong opt-in percentage because the call-to-action was personalized to the quiz itself. Viewsbank takes advantage of knowing that people who like quizzes might also like taking surveys.
Hopefully one of the three examples we looked at today has sparked an idea for a quiz that will fit your business. People spend 10 minutes on Facebook answering questions to determine what their underwear choice says about their career prospects. Something that will offer them tips or advice in an easy-to-remember format?Quizzes and games that integrate appropriate keywords inform and entertain web visitors. WriterAccess is powered by ideaLaunch, a full service content marketing agency serving hundreds of clients and thousands of writers since 2000. You’ve probably even interacted with this piece of content but never considered using it from a marketing perspective, I mean, it is one of the most underrated types of content out there after all.
I am sure you’ve seen how your facebook feed is loaded with random quiz results shared by people.
It really tests the boundaries of your audiences, and many are willing to rise up to the challenge.
Because of human curiosity, sometimes we’re just dying to know what kind of ice cream flavor we are. The personality quiz categorizes people into personality types that tend to compliment who they are based on the answers they gave during the quiz. It gives your audience a higher entertainment value, and it also makes the quiz itself feel more like a trivia game.
This will usually take most people about 2-3 minutes to finish, which is just the right amount of time. The purpose of the lead capture form is to collect contact information so that you can grow an email list.
Giving your quiz takes a chance to believe that they share a part of someone or some place they admire makes them feel good about it and they instantly want to share the results with their friends and teammates. We gave you several title templates to work with today, along with the types of quizzes you can choose to create on social media.
For them, email leads go into a database the uses marketing automation to identify potential clients who can turn into customers who pay a lot to use the Kroll services. For Viewsbank, they use quizzes to reach more potential survey-takers so that they have a more appealing offer for large companies who want a diverse group of survey takers. They came up with this fun trivia quiz to test potential future clients on their knowledge of Ediscovery (I’m not sure what Ediscovery is, but it sounds complicated).
Pub quizzes have been around since the 1970’s and continue to draw crowds around the world. For a lead generation quiz, the goal of these questions is to build up some trust with the person taking your quiz so that they’ll be more likely to opt-in when the lead capture form is presented.
The incentive of seeing your quiz results is a big part of the reason these quiz can achieve such high opt-in rates (this one was a 60% opt-in rate). The example below is a question asking what your favorite drink is, with lots of vibrant pictures of beverages.
Whether people agree with their results or disagree, there is a strong response to finding out which city is your Spirit City.
I feel like I started with a Reindeer quiz and ended up laying on a couch talking about my childhood. Their call to action asks you to opt-in to see what kind of Reindeer you are (obviously), but it also mentions that they’ll send you opportunities to take surveys for money.
People love a challenge; they might even share your quiz with their friends and then compare scores. Quizzes should include a mix of easy and hard questions to appeal to every level of visitor.
This is a guest post by JP Misenas and he will walk you through the various steps required to design interactive quizzes that will drive traffic and boost sales on your blog.
This creates a more relaxed tone, and it helps the quiz-taker get comfortable with what your brand stands for. There’s something visceral about putting your knowledge to the test and pitting your wits against a machine.
Afar knew this going in to the quiz creation process, and it’s the strategy behind the entire thing. ViewsBank has done this several time – for Halloween, (“Which Monster are You?”) for Christmas (this Reindeer quiz), for Valentine’s Day. I think this juxtaposition between the silliness of the quiz and the somewhat seriousness of the questions is what provides the right combination to produce strong opt-in rates at the end of the quiz.
Again, they appeal to the quiz takers’ emotions with flattery “Dasher- The Fastest Reindeer on Santa’s Team” Even if this is a silly Internet quiz, I like hearing that I’m Santa’s fastest Reindeer.
Quizzes establish you as an authority in the field, as well as someone who likes to cut loose and have a good time.
By the numbers, Buzzfeed’s viral quizzes have helped it to drive a massive traffic over the years. This really helps when it comes to encouraging your audience to join your mailing list later on. By telling people they rock, but doing it in a believable format like a quiz, you can produce good feelings and increase opt-ins.

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