Other interesting things that you can do with your photos: convert photos to painting,  convert photos to text, convert photos to models, and convert photos to sketches. It presents you with a very simple interface which allows you to create avatar by means of the drag-and-drop feature. Your talking avatar can be used on your blog, social profile or for any purpose where you would like to present yourself such as presenting yourself as an online teacher for an online class. You can make use of the 3D avatar to guide your site’s visitor to take action such as subscribing for newsletters, adding a comment, download or purchase any product or service from your site, etc. As a graphical representation of yourself, an avatar is a cartoon image, which can be used as the profile picture of your twitter, blog, forum or some other social accounts.
With an avatar, you can hide your real face, customize yourself in different ways, show your personality, or fulfill some other purposes. Evolver is a website for you to create your own 3D avatar, you can choose a premade avatar and edit it, you can upload a photo and turn it into an avatar, you can start from a blank avatar, or you can select an exist avatar from the gallery. You can edit the face, the eyes, the pose and other parts of the avatar body, and after registration, you can transport or save the finished avatar.
Avatara is powered by Evolver and has nearly the same outlook and functions as Evolver does, but you can only share the avatar, but can’t transport them as on the Evolver website. On the Avatar Photo website, there are many effects for you to choose, such as emotion, slide shows, collages, etc, and you can make yourself look like a role in the movie Avatar. You can upload a photo from your computer or via URL, you can customize the photo by choosing the avatar size, changing the animation speed, adding text, and so on, and you can download the finished avatar or share it with others.
On the Doppelme website, you select the gender, the skin color and the eye color, then you can edit the hair, the hats, the bottoms and other body parts, you can choose different accessories, and you can download the avatar after registration from the code or by right-click.
South Park Studios is for you to make an avatar of South Park alter-ego, you can select the character shape, edit the body, and add accessories. You can use the default boy or girl, select the random character, or load a photo in mae or xml format, and then you can customize the character.
Besides downloading the avatar as a mae or xml file, you can also export it as a JPG or PNG file. On the Tektek Dream Avatar page, there are many different types of female and male characters for your choice. You can get the avatar download links from the code, or you can download the avatar by just right-clicking your mouse. The Portrait Illustration Maker website supports Chinese, English and Japanese, you can select random character, or you can choose a blank character type, and then you can customize them and create your own avatars. On the MarvelYou website, you can create your own superhero avatar, such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, and so on.
The finished avatar can be downloaded, posted online or sent to friends, but it seems that there will be errors when downloading the avatar.
Choose you language and enter the FaceYourManga website, then you can select a gender and create your own avatar. To download the finished avatar, you need to enter your email address and then the avatar will be sent to you via email. Mii is a fantastic and very easy tool to create cartoon characters in few clicks without any efforts.

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Montagraph is a social platform that gives you an easy way to make and share your photo montages. Iamunique allows you to build an interactive 3D portrait of yourself that is made up of things that you make: unique quips, pictures, videos, stories or even tweets. Just upload a photo and you can immediately apply various effects or even remove imperfections in the photo.
You start with a human self, and then you add your favourite animal parts until you get yourself a wild and funny hybrid.
Yet another interactive free service to create yourself a customized character, this time in the MadMen theme. Are you using the same profile picture for all the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? Faceyourmanga is a large social application where you can create, modify, collect and share your avatars.
BeFunky has a variety of photo editing effects and features that lets you change your pictures into oil paintings, vintage polaroids, or pop art.
Montagraph is a social platform to give you an easy way to make and share your photo montages.
MadMen Yourself provides users stylized fashions and accessories that match the period and characters on the show.
With this avatar make, you can draw yourself in caricature with some funny facial features. With DoppelMe you can create a cool graphical likeness of yourself, your friends, family or any group of people for use as an avatar.
South Park Studios lets you create your own South Park alter-ego or make one of your family and friends. The avatar created by using the free service, Voki, you can use them on your profiles, blogs, etc. Voki allows you to make talking avatar that can be used to interact with people on your site. It allows you to create avatar by means of wide range of characters like animals, anime, monsters, etc.
You can do this by adding a recorded voice or just letting the avatar speak whatever you type in a message.
Create your speaking avatar through Voki and start interacting with your friends in your own voice. There are many websites for you to create your own avatar, and among which, below 10 are the most popular and free for you to do that online. You can edit the hair, the eyes, the mouth, and add cloths, shoes,weapons or some other items. You only need to upload a picture on those sites and they convert the photo into a cartoon.

Here you can not make exactly same cartoon as your face but still you can create cartoon characters slightly similar as your face by using it’s Avatar Face Maker. To make a cartoon just click on the link, Select your language after reaching to the website and Click Create Avatar. You can convert your face into a cartoon with multiple effects that looks more funny and comic.
Here you can make your funny pictures by uploading your fresh pictures to moronize yourself by applying many effects. With so many social networking profiles to manage, and running out of ideas on how to customize them for every single platform, it’s time you start looking for external help. With its image editing tools you can create your own templates or use someone else’s templates. Name your superhero, mix and match costumes of all your favorite Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine, customize face, hair, and other features, and then post online or send to friends. Avatars, you can create your own avatar, change clothes, accessories and hairstyles to show who you are and what you look like to your online friends.
But, do you know there are many websites where you can create free cartoons of yourself without any effort. It lets you select eyes, hairs, lips, mouth and so many parts to create a cartoon character of yourself.
You can make amazing combinations with body parts of wild animals and take a different look. You only need to upload your photo and then your can cartoonize as well as edit your photo with it’s amazing effects. At home page directly upload a photo from your computer, crop photo if you want and apply effects.
Be sure to also check out other Pho.to services like Enhance Photo, Photo Editor, Funny Photo, Cartoon Photo and Avatar Photo. On the web, you can actually find tons of free online tools that allow you to create and customize your own avatar which can be used as a profile photo for your social media profiles.
Remove red eye, make skin smoother, whiten teeth, remove blemishes and add a special touch to your photo with a dreamy soft focus effect.
You can use them on your profile present on social networking websites and very soon it will be integrated in chat clients.
Apply effects, distort, clean up or reimagine yourself in an impossible scene – you can do all that on these websites.
Here’s the list of 20 popular avatar creation websites that you can use to create your own avatar with ease. But we’re not going to give all the fun away, you should try them for yourself and show us your avatar creations.

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