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You have a good amount of time to master these, it will seem hard but these will make your joints stronger which will prevent weight lifting injuries and they will also be easier to master since your only 14.
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I was thinking she was more in the strategy department so we need her to meet Jake and voice her idea to him. How to tactfully hint at prom to boys who live in other cities but also didn't have a date last year and went in a group of guys? How to wake up and realise that the end of the year the school year as a teacher is like eating an ice cream its not a slow process and bits fall off at random along the way?
They will also give you more relative strength than any other person your age unless their much heavier than you.
He doesn't like to get into big fights, and will often try to talk his way out of a conflict, though he's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. When he was approved to be an apprentice, his parents were thrilled, and began work on making him the best.
He wasn't told that he'd actually been chosen as a trainer, not an apprentice, so he's believed that he has been forced to fight for his life, thinking that he's truly an apprentice, and that he owes his trainer his life and will fight for her.

Trouble follows him and it's not unusual to hear him said 'why me?' Is usually rather laid-back and a pretty easy-going guy. I will be unable to go to a gym until I am 15 so until then, what can I do to improve my workout. His mother didn't want to go too hard on him, though, and his father felt the only way to make him the best was to push him until he broke, then make him walk it off like it was nothing. He never mentioned them to anyone.He met Selene and his master when he was on a run away from each and every person he knew when was chased by few cops who thought he was a criminal. His mother became bedridden when he was 10, and died within the year, leaving him numb inside, and at the wim of his father and trainer, whom his father had picked and told to be merciless.
He can occasionally be a bit on the lazy side and despite being a pretty skilled fighter he'd really rather hang out.
Dead familyHe had a crush on Selene but never told her about this cause she said the she felt of him as an older brother. His trainer often speculates that maybe they made a mistake when they named David an apprentice.He used to be an alcoholic and would occasionally slip and get himself stone-drunk, Chet shook him out of his alcoholism but now he is addicted to coffee and constantly craving a good beer. After she told him that he started to feel of her as a sister he too started feeling of her as sister.
He isn't so bad now but he still likes to drink and is constantly trying to slip himself some alcohol, fortunately he chose his training over his alcoholism so now he is more careful with his drinking habits.He can be rude without realising it and is unpleasant in the mornings.

He has dark brown eyes-almost black and is 5'9ft tall (he has more of a 'tall and lean' build.). You also want to keep your belongings safe around you or you may never know if your water is now salty or your bed is covered with toothaste.
Their parents went missing (presumed dead) when they were really young, and thus they were brought into their uncles care. He is one of Chet's mates and one of the few people Chet's ever trusted enough to tell him everything he usually keeps hidden.
His brother is a trainer and, despite not being David's trainer he is constantly acting like he is whenever they meet. He gets on with Chet so well because they are both trouble-makers despite initially hating one another and also their age-difference.

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