Some basic astrological keywords will help you understand this sign and what will make him pay attention to him. One thing to keep in mind when you want to attract the attention of an Aquarius man: they are primarily concerned with your brain and your intellectual power.
They first want to be sure they have some intellectual compatibility before proceeding any further. As a consequence, raising the question of commitment to early in the relationship will hurt your chances. This entry was posted in Astrology, Romance and tagged Advice, aquarius, dating, Relationships, seduction, Tips. When you want an overview of your life’s gifts and challenges, and how your past, present and future all fit together.
When it comes to relationships, the Aquarius man will settle for nothing short of a sexual and romantic revolution.
However, in his mid- to late 30s, the Aquarius man may finally decide to reckon with those demons known as feelings. Once he learns how to process his emotions, this humanitarian sign wants to share what he’s learned on his quest.
Aquarians are born January 20th to February 18 and they are also the third to last zodiac sign in the astrological cycle.
The long list of famous Aquarius celebrities makes you wonder if maybe the real secret to success is being nice, accepting and helping others. To date an Aquarius you must consider your own personal expectations of the relationship before getting serious.
It also means that for your first date, you will need to plan something unusual, unconventional and full of originality. Aquarius to fall in love with you, help him in his endeavors to make this world a better place. My mission is to help you discover, develop and nurture your creativity no matter what transit you are going through.
Like a bedside Che Guevera, he wants to shake up love as we know it and bring romance solidly into the 21st century—or perhaps even the 22nd.

In fact, it was our Aquarius friend Miguel who first introduced us to this term when describing his perfect relationship. He might plunge into a philosophical movement or a spiritual modality to explore his emotions safely, in an almost scientific way. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, the prank-pulling eternal jokester emerges as the ultimate SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy). Once his heart is invested, the Aqaurius man can be hypersensitive and overly intense—no longer the cool, devil-may-care dude holding court at the party.
Being an Air sign, the Aquarius man needs a relationship that gives him wings and a purpose. But to fulfill a vision, or live out a future that inspires and excites him with endless possibility? After the career-minded conservative Capricorn Goat, and before the emotional, imaginative Pisces Fish comes the independent Aquarius Water Bearer. Most Aquarians have an open mind, and embrace people that are unfortunate or struggling in life. Most Aquarius men and women value friendship over dating a person and will try to maintain a friendship even after a breakup. I also work directly with clients to help improve their personal or company's digital image online through various social media platforms.
The more you share common interests and can talk about it the more he will be fascinated about you.
Having somebody that understands his need to make a difference and who shares his vision is the way to his heart. Another Aquarius man we know founded Cuddle Party, a national series of sex- and substance-free workshops where people get together in their pajamas and just…cuddle. Formerly squeamish about anything more touchy-feely than a backslapping hug or a high five, he suddenly starts training for his massage license, or becomes an eager volunteer to give out shoulder rubs. His anxiety and nerves often get the best of him, preventing him from forging deeper bonds because of this knee-jerk response.
People born under the Aquarius sign are most likely to be involved in charity work and give back to their communities.

Aquarius is not as openly emotional in a relationship as other zodiac signs like Cancer, Pisces, Leo or Scorpio. These include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube Channels or custom websites. His website describes the event as a “playful, fun workshop…for people to rediscover non-sexual touch and affection, a space to reframe assumptions about men and women, and a great networking event to meet new friends, roommates, business partners and significant others.” Classic Aquarius.
One of the most important things you will appreciate about an Aquarius is that they value friendship and family above money and power. In fact Aquarians are practical when it comes to love and they are oppose dramatic, deep attachments. Actually anyplace where he can learn something new or be occupied with a fun activity are sure ways to make the date memorable. Of course, this can only happen once the free-spirited Aquarius man actually decides he’s ready for a relationship.
Aquarius approaches love similar to Sagittarius and Gemini, which means that these two sign are a good match.
You never know where you’ll end up—but he will remain by your side, no matter where that is. Unlike it’s symbol, Aquarius is actually an air sign, not water sign like most assume.
Nothing too serious or too fast when it comes to dating, and if you are interested in an Aquarius, start off being their friend first. Aquarius men and women do not necessarily need to be married when in love (Oprah) and are also are open to being step-parents, they break all the rules when it comes to dating.
The Aquarius man doesn’t want to be tied to one woman until he’s sampled the whole panacea of options.

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