Two, Rush Jet is actually a lot more useful and fully controllable in MM3: How can you not deny the awesome mobility of rush in MM3, he is a master of agility and is a lot more useful here than in future installments.
Three, you get to fight Proto Man: As Break Man as well, but to challenge your brother who is actually training you allows you to bond with the character and grow an emotional attachment to him.
Five, You could play as 8 more Robot Masters: I, personally, would enjoy playing as Snake Man or Gemini Man. Six, More stage editor tools and ideas could be made: A little bit more editing and stages would be nice as well as the option to pick different music from the soundtrack to play on a stage.

That's pretty much it from me, though something like this might never happen, well a person can dream, right?
Anyways, luck of both kinds aside, I enjoy the following 2 series: Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts because I love the story and the inclusion of the disney and final fantasy characters, plus the music is beautiful as well as awesome.
Ascertained a Wii and have the following handeheld consoles: DS Lite (still works but the top screen can't be held up) and a PSP 1000 series (it sill works!).

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