Dancing with the Stars 2016 Results: Who Went Home On Judges’ Team-Up Challenge Week 8? Some of the best undiscovered artists in the country traveled to Los Angeles to see if they could impress veteran Voice coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton plus newbies Shakira and Usher.
Dozens have tried and while some were unsuccessful, others were able to convince the superstars to turn their coveted red chairs around. The 29-year-old Rochester natives delivered an intriguing take on the Alicia Keys hit that pleased all four coaches.   Eventually, they decided to join reigning champ Blake Shelton’s team. Nicholas David isn’t the only talented Minnesota resident that successfully appeared on the NBC hit. After Katrina Parker sang that song back in The Voice’s sophomore season, I thought no one would be able to touch that song.
Idaho’s Ryan Hayes and former American Idol finalist Jon Peter Lewis delivered a rousing and delightful cover of Johnny Cash’s hit.
The Austin native delivered a chilling rendition of the Elvis love ballad that made the newbies fall in love with her. One of the biggest surprises of the season was Kris Thomas’ daring cover of Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You.”  While he only caught the attention of Shakira, he surprised everyone with his impressive vocal range.
Michael Jackson’s former background singer stole the show with her astonishing cover of one of absent Voice coach Christina Aguilera’s earlier hits that caught the attention of all four judges. Next week, a familiar face returns for a chance of redemption and Shakira steps up her game to land more singers on her team. It’s a little unnerving to be pereceived as a front-runner in a reality singing competition, says Judith Hill. TVLine caught up with Hill to talk about those memorable moments, her sometimes outrageous outfits and even an unexpected YouTube moment with her erstwhile rival Karina Iglesias. Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour.
It’s a little unnerving to be pereceived as a front-runner in a reality singing competition, says Judith Hill. I actually liked both girls in this embedded video more then I liked any of their on stage performances. Need I remind anyone that a Fierce Black Woman just WON American Idol – over a Delightful Country White Woman.

Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. I just decided to take the verses and turn it into more of a soul rendition, while still being a song that everyone recognized. Karina’s an amazing talent and she pushed me to step up my game, to bring a very aggressive, fun energy — which is needed for that song. Does that stuff come to you spontaneously or do you think about where you’re going to be physically on the stage before you begin? I really was excited, itching to do that, because writing and singing are a big part of my life.
Did you have initial concerns about choosing “#thatPOWER” or any regrets about it afterward?
But it’s a pretty well known dynamic in reality competition shows like this that early front runner status is hard to maintain. And the 4th Place (Beautiful Black) Contestant beat out #5 – Another Lovely White girl! What I did every time, before rehearsals, I sat down and arranged [my song] and charted it out and handed it to the band. But it was also challenging for me to find ways I could create musical moments and really make it my own within the Battle. I’m so glad I got a moment to show that to people, because that’s a different type of singing that happens when I get on the piano and just play and sing. Maybe she should have asked for some help– sounds like if you want it, they will help you. Where does that comment leaves the charming Judith who just the other day shared her misfitting as a mix of Japanese and black. Blacks are on the same or better playing field as whites in the entertainment and sports industry. So I always came into my rehearsals with [the arrangement] already done, because we don’t have much time to come up with really, really special arrangements.
The good thing is we were able to feed off each other’s licks and really create this dialogue on stage.
And the last coup was that she was trapped into sharing her charity work with Japanese children.

But behind close doors, people still stereo type and this race is that, and that race is this.
That was the most stripped-down Judith Hill moment this season, and I was really, really happy with it. Their screams and over dramatic singing like they are constipated and trying to poop it out. And I have to say, I love my mom because she was also one of the people that I collaborated with a lot during the season. Simple, just like two dudes in jeans and nothing really special, not really shocking they are in the top 5. Yeah, maybe a couple of song choices didn’t resonate with viewers, but she, in my opinion, was the VOICE. It makes one wonder, is this “All American” flavor, a new and refined discrimination?
Maybe people weren’t as familiar with it, but I went in feeling confident, and I have no regrets about it.
If she’s the greatest thing since slice bread, why is Judith not signed already and has to go on the Voice? I’m a little bummed that I didn’t make the finale, but at the same time I’m happy I ended on the note I ended: It was really a blast of high energy, a good way to go out. She didn’t get that much of an endorsement deals, people perceived her not the all American type.
So, yes, plenty of racist people she thinks of an American as Caucasion or blonde hair blue eyed.
So if a Blonde hair blue eye Russian girl that just came to the US a few weeks ago from Russian, she looks more American than a Asian girl who was born and rasied in the US.

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