Every girl wants a guy to make her feel safe in his arms, hold her tight and remind her every day that she is the only girl in his world. But nothing beats making a guy you like fall head over heels in love with you without ever mentioning that you like him in the first place.
When a guy starts to like a girl at first sight, it’s not because of her personality or her sweet behavior. Behave like you’re better than any other girl, and chances are, he’ll be convinced of that too.
If you’re wondering how to make a guy like you, just use these 12 steps to play a safe and easy game that’ll be fun and flirty all the way. Dress well in attire that accentuates your better side, feel confident about yourself and don’t feel negative about yourself.
If he ever does tell his friends about the flirty eye contact he makes with you, his friends would probably not believe him because they see no visible flirty signs from you. And when you feel like he’s interested in you and wants to be with you, look for sneaky ways to get him to ask you out. Atmosphere can play a huge part in giving you the courage to say what you really want to say to your guy. Subtle Hints-If you just can't come out and say what you really want to say, then you can throw a few powerful hints his way.
Finally, although many women depend upon their men to take hold of the situation and steer it in the intended direction, this doesn't always work. Find out how to make a guy like you by making him want you, without ever revealing that you like him in the first place.
By doing this, you’ll make the guy you like want your attention even more badly because he’s not sure you like him yet. But leave him with a very flirty smile or a cute I’ll-miss-you wink that’ll leave him thinking of you for a long time after you’re gone. Play hard to get, but always make him feel like you have a special spot for him in your heart.

They wona€™t be able to contact you or comment on your strips and you wona€™t see their comics anymore. This can be as simple as lighting some candles, pouring the wine, and playing some soft music. No matter how enthralled you are with your sweetie, it's hard to maintain that mood without some privacy. Whether your relationship is new or you've already been together for a while, a lot of what you say depends upon what he likes and what you are comfortable with. You may need to use words that may not be comfortable to you in certain situations, but keep in mind that it is easier to say anything and lose your inhibitions if you've already engaged in some avid foreplay! Its okay for a woman to be the aggressor, to make the first move, to say what she wants, even if she doesn't know what the end result will be. While guys also do fall in love with a platonic friend after several interactions based on the personality, they almost always make up their mind about a girl’s level of attractiveness in the first few interactions. Be warm and friendly when you speak to him, but don’t initiate a conversation by walking up to him, at least at the beginning of the friendship.
But after a few conversations, the guy may lose interest in trying to impress you or getting you to stay longer. Talk to him, flirt with him, compliment him but shy away from telling him that you’re falling for him.
Be really nice to him when you’re with him and talk to him like you’re already in love with him.
Sometimes these two issues are quite different, but that doesn't mean you can't find a happy medium!
Even subtle hints like "I love the way you touch me" and "I know you'd feel so good inside me" may be all it takes. Make him come up to you, and let him always feel like he’s making the move to impress you, and not the other way around. Every now and then, excuse yourself from the conversation just when it’s getting interesting and walk away.

By doing that, you’re making him realize that there are other guys who want your attention too. If so, you may not have any trouble coming up with what to say to a guy that you want to make love to him.
A guy who would be good just for her, a guy who would hold her in his arms, a guy who would stand by her side. And the guy you like will actually end up with a positive impression of you even if you haven’t been interacting with him.
Even his friends shouldn’t know that you smile at him or exchange glances with him now and then. Leave him when he’s excited to talk to you so he can feel the disappointment of not having you around. He may not approach you when you’re with another guy, but he’ll constantly look for opportunities to talk to you when you’re alone. He’ll love the attention he’s getting, and yet fear the competition when you’re with other guys.
Some women certainly aren't as aggressive as others, however, and finding the right words can be difficult.
In fact, you can simply say, "I want you to make love to me…right now!" How can he resist that? If you are too passive, you may be afraid to say anything about how you feel…even in a moment of passion.
Whatever the reason, if you really want things to get heated and you want to take the relationship further, you may have to make those wishes known!

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