For a Gemini man to conquer a Leo woman, he must put in great efforts and above all, be prepared to do so.
More:leo man gemini woman in loveleo man and cancer woman compatibilitycancer male and leo female love compatibilityleo man aries woman loveleo man and pisces womanpassion gemini female and leo manlove sign gemini woman aries manDetailed materials about Leo Woman and Gemini Man Love Compatibility. The Leo woman is not easily impressed and if you want her to be part of your life, it is necessary to put in efforts, to show all your good qualities.At first glance, the lioness is in no way defenseless or naive - if you think that you can win her over in the same way as most other women, you are dead wrong. She has so many requirements and preliminary wishes, she always feels free and is never particularly sure.
It is difficult for it to happen, but if the Gemini man is able to make her fall in love with him, things change a little bit.The Leo woman's blindness by love may only last a short while - and she once again looks at the bigger picture.

The majority of things that she does for you, she does out of love, not because they come from within. And if the Gemini man doesn't notice this and doesn't make her feel special - he has already lost her.On the other hand, the charm of the male Gemini cannot remain unnoticed. Do not mistake him having a fun time with you with love because the male Gemini is quite erratic and you may end up very disappointed. Both of you love being the center of attention.If they are able to build a relationship between them, the Leo woman and Gemini man will go through all kinds of things to maintain their relations.
Both zodiac signs have the capability of falling in love extremely deeply - if you are devoted to each other, your connection will be successful.Your relationship can be over in an instant if one of you allows a third person to stand between you.

What ignites us is her constant search for deeper meanings of life and existence and my need to be understood. I think last lines of the article sum up the relationship aptly : He lives on dark Pluto and she lives on the bright sun.

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