Your husband chose you as you were and accepts you as you are – but you can bless him with the woman you want to become.
The typical man remains unmoved by power plays or criticism or by a wife who disrespects him. When you consistently, persistently, and creatively affirm your husband, you remove one of the most compelling reasons for him to get overinvolved at work or to find an escapist hobby that robs his passion for home. Mark Radcliffe learned that the Star Wars movies reflect the life of the man behind them, and when he lost something important, so did they. One of the hardest things for a man of ambition to keep in check is the balance he strikes between his career and his personal life. One person whose life I find particularly illuminating on this subject is legendary filmmaker George Lucas. However, let’s be clear: I’m talking about first three Star Wars films, not the last three.
If you’ve seen the documentary The People vs George Lucas, you know how many of his original fans feel the same way. There might be some debate, but I think most would agree that the “prequels” (Episodes 1, 2 and 3, released from 1999-2005) were unilaterally devoid of any real character development or emotional engagement.
Some time after all of the success, all the millions, George and Marcia grew apart, and eventually divorced. After a happy early marriage, and a collusion of artistic vision that led them to join forces, and then the success of the first trilogy, Marcia wanted to take their success and millions, and relax and enjoy life a bit. Perhaps it was a need to create a safety net, but he ironically went about creating the type of massive studio that they both railed against in the early part of their careers. The very ambition that drove George to build his legendary film career appears to have led to the isolation that impaired his filmmaking and left him alone with his riches and fame.
When filmmakers give long thank-yous at the Oscars, there’s a reason for it; if you don’t value the input of others, your work can only get so far. But now George was very much alone, without the sage perspective of Marcia as his sounding board. In the end, George Lucas’ tale is a familiar one that reminds us of another film icon—Citizen Kane, a film suggesting the life of William Randolph Hearst, a man who won the world but lost his soul. At the end of The People Vs George Lucas, George admits in an interview that he has become Darth Vader himself, in a sense, in his quest to build his filmmaking empire.
If there’s anything to learn from George’s cautionary tale, it’s to be careful of how single-mindedly you pursue your career. I remember when recording my last album in LA 2 years ago, how many times I wanted to punch my producer for the ways in which he challenged me, told me it wasn’t good enough, and questioned my instincts. Well, to set the record straight, Kershner directed 5 (Empire Strikes Back), which many argue is the best of the trilogy (I’d agree). Is it possible both Kershner & Kasdan had more story influence than just what they were credited for? By the way Mark, you too are doing serious damage by making Marcia out to be this sage of wisdom when she was only a human being in the end. I’ll bet you people would support legaslation that would force writers and movie makers to include a female character in a story. If its a historical subject looking at an area where women didn’t go, then yes that makes sense.
I mean, isn’t there usually a mother, sister, female friend, nurse, doctor, classmate, or teacher in almost any situation? I can’t imagine a situation in which there would be a movie with an only female cast.
Then maybe you should tell those feminists out there to quit complaining about all-female character driven movies referring to men or having even one male character as support in them. Curious, Eagle, which movies (and subsequent outcries from feminists) are you referring to? I think he’s referring to how the Bechdel test rules out any film where the plot mostly involves a man, even when its actually about women. Why is it whenever a story or a movie has an all male cast of characters, there MUST be a woman added to the mix? Funny, women demand stories about female characters feature no men at all or anyone talking about men in them. Even as a masculist I have to admit that most media out there (especially sci fi) overrepresents men. Besides, nerds (the most interested in this kind of stories) are usually at odd with women.

Theres exceptions to that rule, like histoical subjects, but fictional sci-fi has no excuse. Besides, many works of genius seem to be born from difficulties and limitations; perhaps the tension to overcome struggles is part of the creative process itself. A Meditation on Traveling the Road Where You BelongEvery story has a hero, will you be the hero in yours? 6 Causes of Job Burnout You Absolutely Must KnowThe costs of job related burnout are devastatingly high, not only for the individual employee but any organization as a whole. Just Another Story About a Regular Dad Who Loves His Transgender GirlUnfazed by his transgender child’s change, he was just another dad talking about his little girl who he loves. My Aversion to Twitter and TrumpMatthew Rozsa’s aversion to Twitter is, strangely, related to his aversion to Trump.
Kicking the Smartphone AddictionThe question, really, is, are we in control of our digital lives? Dads, You Can Deal With Stress Like THISMillar Montgomery has some stress management advice for the modern dad.
Bullying is a Self-Perpetuating Spiral that Affects Us AllCan we shift our conversations about bullying, gun violence, and mental health in a more compassionate and objective direction? I Am The Bug MasterSean Swaby, House Ninja, declares a turf war on bugs and wins with Scott’s Ortho. Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess because just like in a game of chess; the queen protects the king. While marriage is about unconditionally accepting our spouse, there are also some circumstances that require real long-term changes to be made. About half of them, however, expressed a desire for their wives to cultivate a different attitude toward sexual intimacy – a comfortableness with sex and their bodies, the willingness to be emotionally engaged, initiating, enthusiastic. It’s also helped me to take responsibility for my marriage and know the influence that I have, and be able to use it for the benefit of my husband. They were technically masterful and visually amazing, but in the end, you didn’t care about any of the characters. How could a filmmaker be so masterful with story and character at one part in his career but then be so far gone as to create someone like Jar Jar Binks in the latter? She was the one he bounced ideas off of, the one who challenged him, the one who said, “uh-uh” when his first draft of Star Wars didn’t have any women in it.
With George never around, and seemingly more committed to building his empire than to her, Marcia fell in love with another man, and eventually filed for divorce. The ultimate rub?
Having built his own studio empire, Lucas had so much money he could fire anyone who questioned him, and even issued a policy that most employees were not to speak to him directly. But in the end, I realize his confrontational criticism was exactly what I needed to get to a new, more evolved place. His depiction of her was clearly one which showed an adult human being who made her own choices. Agency being the capacity for, or state of, exerting power — she clearly had agency as both an editor and a person with an opinion. Maybe that would be a form of utopia for some guys, but for the vast majority of men in the world, women are a treasured part of a rich social network. Alternately if its a story concerning male only issues, then yes it might not make sense to push a female character. I just watched Cowboys vs Aliens (don’t ask me why) and Olivia Wilde is the hero of the film, taking on a very traditionally archetype in it.
How Do I Find the Words?Torsten Klaus asks “How the fuck do I say good bye to my dying Dad? As a James fan from the minute I heard You Got My Mind Messed Up on Radio Caroline South's weekly survey of the US Cashbox Hot 100 back in 1966, I could not be more thrilled than I am to have been involved in the reissue of his vintage repertoire.
What happened to our hero George Lucas to explain the difference between the two trilogies? By many reports, Lucas’s scripts and editing instincts always leaned toward the cold and unemotional (THX 11238, anyone?), whereas it was always his wife Marcia who constantly challenged him to involve the audience more.
But George wanted to plow ahead, delving into the other films and building the all-encompassing Skywalker Ranch, his commitments to which would eventually distance him both physically and emotionally from his wife. The man who she fell for with was the man George hired to be one of the principal interior designers of Skywalker Ranch—whose job it was to work with his wife on the designs all day. And who wants to retire with a boatload of cash, but no one to share it with and the knowledge that all your old friends have deserted you? When pride tempts us to kick them to the curb as if they’re getting in the way of our becoming our better selves, consider that they might actually be the one thing that’s most essential to us unlocking our true potential.

However, I think maybe some very cool futuristic outerspace sci-fi movie where a fascist alien overlord has divided populations by sex, race, and planet of origin would be fascinating… (You heard it here first!
I feel confident that all of James' fans will share my delight in being able to bring even more of his sensational Goldwax masters back to catalogue after all too long an absence. We need to take the initiative and start acting and changing, instead of just hoping for the best. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were characters that some of us wanted to base our whole lives on.
She fought for him to add a bit more humor, more humanity, and more lighthearted moments: like Princess Leia kissing Luke “for luck” just before they evaded the stormtroopers by swinging across a trench on a suspension line.
She wasn’t there to offer notes on the “unearned” romance between Anakin and Queen Amadala. Too “successful” to deal with the countless revisions it takes to turn an “okay” story into an amazing one? I just hope I won’t ever be so blinded by success that I fail to realize what helped me get there.
The pattern is rise, fall, redemption, and I think he could annul the first three movies and make new ones using input from others INCLUDING his estranged wife (he actually was in a long relationship and engaged to singer Linda Ronstadt and is now in a relationship with Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments since 2006, they recently did an Oprah interview together.
The release of our expanded CD of You Got My Mind Messed Up (CDKEND 211) brought mostly praise from the press and public alike.
It appears that she was the lone “no” person in George’s life, constantly pushing back and saying it wasn’t good enough, yet.
She wasn’t there to veto Qui Gon Jinn’s infamous “midi-chlorians” line that reduced the Force to a genetic gift, not something a person can develop and master through conscientious effort and will.
However, a very small minority deemed it necessary to bellyache about some inevitable song duplication from our JC Complete Goldwax Singles set (CDKEND 202), ignoring a) the 'duplicated' tracks were part of the original You Got My Mind Messed album, and thus had to be part of the CD issue and b) the tracks in question were presented in stereo on YGMMMU, and in mono - per the original 45s - on JCCGS. What we got in the final trilogy was pure, unadulterated George—the stories that he got as far as he could before Marcia added the humanity and emotion they needed.
In an attempt to prevent a repeat performance from those in question I feel it's my duty to point out that the further duplications here from both our previous James CDs are a) made to preserve the running order of the original US and UK albums and b) will not in any way detract from anyone's overall listening pleasure - which will be great! As with our earlier reissue of the YGMMMU album, I have expanded the original track listing to take advantage of the 79+ minute running time of a CD. In this instance my work had partly been done for me already by Ace partner Trevor Churchill! When he was UK label manager for Bell Records, Trevor had already added seven tracks to the 1968 UK issue of Goldwax LP 3002 in order to bolster the fairly scant running time of the US original! Most of my extra additions have only previously been available on Japanese Goldwax CDs (if "available" is the right word to describe any Japanese CD!) and one of the tracks, James' version of Johnny Cash's Ring Of Fire has never been released before anywhere in the world.
Those who wish to listen to the original US album will find it occupying tracks 1-11 of this CD, and if your preference is for the UK version, it spans tracks 1-16. Speaking of stereo, studio whiz and JC fan Rob Keyloch has once again remixed the original Goldwax multitrack tapes - where such things still exist - to present most of the stereo selections in a way that gives the listener a better sound balance, while retaining all the integrity of the original 1960s mixes.
I did say 'most' - the multi for More Love and You Didn't Know It But You Had Me don't appear to have survived, so we've deferred to the original Goldwax mixes on those tracks out of necessity. The title track is both a masterpiece of lyrical simile, and one of James' finest all-round deep soul performances. Don't be fooled by the seemingly innocuous titles of A Message To Young Lovers and A Woman Is A Man's Best Friend for they, too, are both deeper than soul itself and explicit exercises in musical self-pity. James' take on the Masqueraders' Vietnam war song Let's Face Facts is as anguished a performance as you'd expect from a man who's going off to a war from which he might never return.
Tracks like the originally unissued Lifetime Of A Man and You Hurt So Good are definitive of what Southern soul is really about. And as for the reprises of Dark End Of The Street and You Got My Mind Messed Up, they are as welcome here as they would be on a thousand other CD reissues and remain high watermarks for James, Goldwax and the whole genre of deep soul.
The remaining four - the alternate recordings of Love Attack and Pouring Water On A Drowning Man, the duet with Barbara Perry on I Can't Help Myself and the unedited version of What The World needs Now Is Love - will, I assure you, be released on forthcoming Kent compilations. James Carr's body of work may have been scandalously small in comparison to the span of his career, but he made just about every second of it count.
Here are another 24 classic sides from this seminal Memphis soulman that more than bear out the previous statement.

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