Assuming the qualifications are equal and there is nothing else to separate both candidates then I would go for the above scenario. Thx for re putting it but yes i am a google person not a facebook or twitter i don’t care about any social network except for google.
Equality at the workplace and the idea that just because women might have babies in their future is something that would hinder them from getting a promotion. Well I didn’t realize there were people still sharing the comic on google plus so I removed the google share button.

But I’m sure you hire a person based on their qualifications rather than their gender, right?
Otherwise of course the most qualified person for the job regardless of colour, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs and amount of imaginary friends will get the job. It’s like saying that a man cannot get a promotion because he might have a skiing accident in his future and that might stop him from doing his job. Whereas a male, he only needs to through a piece of paper saying he’s going on paternity leave without any prior notice.

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