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Approach her directly: When it comes to subtleties, make sure she will not understand the message. Turn to emotions: Aries woman is very honest and will not hesitate to open her soul to a trustworthy person. She does not like monotony and gets bored very quickly if you don’t offer energy, enthusiasm, passion, and new challenges. Take care of yourself: Although she is a pragmatic woman, she is looking for a romantic man, a man that looks good. Make sure you always have a neat and chic sense of style when it comes to clothes and accessories.3. Show her that you are trustable: She does not want to play with fire, so she needs a man she can rely on.
Do not bother to put on a fancy haircut, better learn new jokes that make her laugh.Cancer woman1. Get hurt: If you want to win the heart of a Cancer woman, you have to behave as if you need help. Family is very important for Cancer women, so you can ask her to show you pictures of her relatives, parents, etc.3.

If such description suits you too, show her that you are the family guy she is looking for.4.
Show love and care: Cancer women like men who know how to listen and to empathize with them. Be romantic and show that you appreciate her, and share the same values and principles in life.Leo woman1.
Take care of yourself: When you stand next to a Virgo woman, you should always be neat, tidy, have a nice haircut, and your shoes made clean.
Impress her with common sense: Virgo women like stylish men and the old-fashioned common sense. Be patient: No matter how much the Virgo woman likes you, she will expect much longer, she will analyze you, and will decide whether or not you deserve her attention.
Material safety is very important for Virgo women so that you can boast with your well-paid job. Be always next to her and be patient, because she likes to think and reconsider 100 times before making a decision.4. Be always trim: Libra women like men who care about their look, who are clean, stylish, wearing tasteful accessories. Turn yourself into her confidant, the man that she can trust most, and slowly she will want more than that.Scorpio woman1.
Do not be slack: The Scorpio women are attracted to men with high aspirations, and good workers.
Never tell her what to do: When she has the slightest feeling that you want to take control, she will bolt out from your life.

Prove you have the sense of humor: Rule #1 to seduce a Sagittarius woman is to make her laugh! Be practical: To attract a Capricorn woman you have to demonstrate that you can be useful to her. They are extremely practical, realistic and ambitious, so are looking for men who can rely on in reaching their goals.2. Show her that you are ambitious and hardworking: Capricorn women like ambitious men who want to succeed in life, in careers, men that focus on work. Be proactive: the Capricorn woman is attracted to men who know what they do, making decisions, and acting immediately. Do not rush: If you want to have a Capricorn woman, do not hit on her the very first night.
She will run in the opposite direction at the slightest sign that you want to compel her to do something.4.
Avoid emotional topics: Aquarius women do not like men who handle their soul on a plate too easy. Be loving: Pisces women love men who are good listeners, who are not afraid to reveal their feelings and vulnerabilities.

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