With that said, there’s a lot more to the Scorpio woman than her historical and stereotypical sex appeal.
Knowing this pays off handsomely when it comes to pleasing your Scorpio female partner in bed.
Unfortunately, in this day and age, people find it hard to be truly emotionally honest with each other. People find out quickly that it’s easy to say they can emotionally bond with that special person in their lives.
The very least that they demand and expect from you is a deep and profound emotional bonding.
If you would try to understand the Scorpio personality and reduce it to two words, this would be it: emotional intensity. All this arises from the fact that they feel emotions on a completely different level than other people.
If you want to keep that Scorpio woman, you need to step up the heat when it comes to emotional intensity. If you want to keep that Scorpio woman in your life, you need to be completely honest with her. The best news is that even if you were to lay your soul bare to this person, you can trust her with your secrets.

Unfortunately, most guys think that a productive conversation involves them fixing their partner’s problems. If you want to stay in a relationship with that Scorpio woman in your life, you need to make it clear to her that you fully accept her. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it. We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. Thanks to our modern schedules and oh-so-complicated modern identities, emotional bonding is quite a tall order for many people.
This means sending her signals that you empathize or you understand what she’s going through.
Regardless of your past, regardless of your weaknesses and shortcomings, she would fully accept you back.
But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked.
This also explains many aspects of their lives like their career choices and views on the family.

She wants somebody who will worship her and will not even look at another female in a sexual manner. If a partner can't provide this for her, she will very easily move on because she is a very devoted partner who will go to the ends of the earth for her love and she knows that she deserves the same level of undying loyalty.
She will play as if she does not want it, but the male will have seen that and never quite.
The male is a fast mover and will not hesitate to make it seem like he's giving her silent treatment. It was intense and amazing in the beginning, over 10 yrs into our relationship it's become laborious to put it gently. Yet invisible ties refuse to let go so we live each day with sadness, tears, heartache yet knowing we wouldn't last 2 days apart.
ReplyDeleteiwannalearn05November 30, 2015 at 2:00 AMI am a scorpio woman married to a scorpio male.

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